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    1. Mitchell Bloom (Ret): Boston, MA. RAF Bentwaters, 1981-84, CES Firefighter OMS. 01/17/12
    2. Bill Vinson: Boynton Beach, FL. RAF Bentwaters, Aug 1959-Aug 1962, 7519 Comm.Sq. Trying to hook up with Bob Burrus or Brenda Hickman. Love to hear from you. 01/17/12
    3. Carol J Taylor: Lockport, NY. RAF Woodbridge, 1980-81, 81st EMS,Bomb dump . Bowled on the Women's Base Bowling Team, and also on EMS 1. We bowled in the USAFE tournament in Germany, and went into a cathouse with other RAF Bentwaters bowlers. Was promptly escorted out with a firm grasp on my arm by the lead cat. Who would have thought that 30 years later, I would be living in a Nevada county where prostitution is legal? Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me. Married Ricky McLellan in 1981 (also EMS). 01/17/12
    4. Patrick Hogan: Keokuk, Iowa. RAF Bentwaters/ RAF Woodbridge.I am, Erin Hogan-Law, Patrick's daughter. Is there anyway you can put me in contact with person who left the comment about softball with my dad? He has been talking about great memories playing ball in England. Thanks! 01/17/12
    5. Michael Panicali (Capt):Jackson TN. RAF Bentwaters/RAF Woodbridge, Aug 1990-Sep 1992, 81st EMS (Phase)/91st AMU/92nd AMU. Acted as roving OIC, lost touch with everyone after returning to the US. 01/24/12
    6. Patrick J 'Paddy' Clerkin:Summerville, SC. RAF Bentwaters, Sep 1977-Sep 1981, 81 TFW, Supply Sq, CEM. April 1970 to Aug 75 Player/Coach Base Soccer Team. USAFE Champions 1980 and 81. RAF Mildenhall, Base soccer team/Player Coach. 1973 USAFE Champions. 1974 USAFE Champions playing with RAF Lakenheath. 01/24/12
    7. Mitchell Bloom:Boston, MA. RAF Bentwaters, 1981-84,CES Firefighter OMS - OJT manage. 01/24/12
    8. Stewart Rowland:Indianapolis, Indiana, RAF Lakenheath, 1978-82, 48 Security Police Squadron and RAF Bentwater/Woodbridge 1985-1991 (Retired), 81 Security Police Squadron. Now working for Ministry of Defense at RAF Alconbury, 423 Security Forces Squadron. Liked it here so much I decided to stay. Had a great time my entire stay at all of the assignments. Work with a lot of great people, LTC Towns, LTC Larkins, Maj Mson, CMS Weinburger, MSgt Cates and a whole lot more. Made some great friends. Worked with Scout Troop 811, when I retired from the AF I transferred to Leasingham Scout Troop (British Scounting), finally received my woodbadge. Stayed with Scouting till 2002 and left after 25 years. Love to hear from anyone who was there at the same time. 01/28/12
    9. Caroline Hayes Coleman: RAF Bentwaters, 1957. Looking for Floyd Russell. Please contact me if anyone knows him. 01/28/12
    10. Mary L Spencer-Kostelac:Pensacola, Florida. RAF Bentwaters, Mar 1981-Jun 1985. Originally from Gt. Yarmouth, Norfolk England. 02/11/12
    11. G.A. Di Cintio:Brooklyn, NY RAF Bentwaters,1969-71 .81 TAC Hospital. Being from Brooklyn and after serving in Vietnam in 1968, England was somewhat of a culture shock for me. However, made great friends and shared many memorable experiences. Spent many days in Ipswich and still fondly remember those train rides to London. 07/26/12
    12. Ben Snyder LTC:Pickerington,OH. RAF Bentwaters, lived on RAF Woodbridge, 1963-66, RAFB Accounting and Finance Officer . Comptroller at RAF Lakenheath from 1972-1976 and visited RAF Bentwaters from time to time. 1972-1976 We had the greatest group of guys that I ever worked with and it was probably my most "fun" assignment ever. It was such a shame that they just let the base completely run down. I still have many fond memories from there. 08/6/12
    13. Jasper "Jay" E Harris: RAF Sculthorpe, 1962-?, (Submitted by Kim Harris Denicola). I just found some papers in my Dad's fishing box that I thought were very cool. My Father is now 87 but is still a Wonderful Man who loves his country very much. My father was stationed in England beginning in 1962 and we lived there for several years. and he was in the US Air Force, in case anyone might know him. The papers I found were from 1963 from the Sculthorpe Rod and Gun Club...it showed where he purchased fishing items ie: rod, reel, line, flys and several lures all equaling 21.70. I have even found some of the lures he purchased by matching the code numbers still on the box to this receipt. I thought it was really cool but also thought your website might also be able to connect some of the men my father knew with him. Just thought I would try. 09/2/12
    14. Dave Osterberg:Lexington MA. RAF Woodbridge, 1981-84 & 1988-91. 05/12/12
    15. Bobby G. Shaffer:Ashland, KY. RAF Bentwaters, 1985-88, 81st USAF Clinic-Flight Medicine. Wife Jody worked in BX Alterations. 21/12/12
    16. Steven Fox:RAF Bentwaters, 1978-80, 81st USAF Clinic. I lived in a little house in Dennington and had way way too much fun. 02/01/13
    17. Paul McGuire: RAF Woodbridge, 1981-83, 67th ARRS, Engine Shop. Worked with TSgt Clemons, Animal, Tom Hizer. 02/01/13
    18. Ron Little: Locust Grove, GA. RAF Bentwaters, 1983-86, 510th AMU, 510th Crew Chief of Aircraft 988. Many deployments Turkey, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Norway. Lived in Ipswich and Shotley Gate. Attended Faith Baptist Church. 02/01/13
    19. John M Lloyd: Wellington, Kansas, RAF Bentwaters/RAF Woodbridge, Nov 1976-Nov 1978, RAF Greenham Common/RAF Welford, Nov 1975-Nov 1976, worked in the Fire Department at both assignments. 23/01/13
    20. Tim Polodna: RAF Bentwaters/RAF Woodbridge. I began my five years of active duty the 81st EMS. I lived on base and was dorm chief for two years, made senior airman because of this. Worked for Lt Col Minor in the orderly room. Am now 50. Best years of my life. So young and ignorant about life and the world. Three years in England and was sent to MI, Wurtsmith AFB. Hated it. Beautiful part of country but had not seen or experienced 'ice fishing' prior to this. Left active duty for five years and was in reserves at Richards-Gebaur AFB in KC MO. Was so tired of hearing the whine of A-10's, and wound up back in my home state at yet again another A-10 base! RAF Bentwaters/RAF Woodbridge was a transit base, so I was so fortunate to see pretty much everything in the NATO flying arsenal. Best memory was of seeing an SR-71 do a touch and go on a weekend when I was doing work off duty to get ahead. Actually was at the start of the flightline waiting for the bus and saw it come in. The pilot turned his head, and in 'civis' I snapped too and saluted, got a snap salute back and he hit his burners and was gone. Incredible! It is so strange to look back and see everything I took for granted and was so fortunate to be allowed to be a part of. Left reserves, bad decision on my part, at the beginning of desert storm. Finally realized just what the A-10 was made for and how stupid I was for pining for the 15's and 16's. The 15's were loud. but I seem to remember the 111's being about the most ground shaking, next to an F-4. Had a long TDY just once to Germany, and wish now that I had stayed in and tried to get an assignment there. Beautiful country and people. Again, just to young and ignorant to realize what was in front of me. Finished at Richards-Gebaur on duty working an air show. I remember seeing a 117 do a fly-by. The first time I had seen one, of course by this time they had been used in Iraq, but still I had never actually seen one, let alone seen one fly. So strange an experience. Having grown up in the age of Star Wars movies, it was surreal. I welcome anyone's thoughts of the period, I believe 82-85 or so, including those I pissed off. I remember you, my mistakes, my achievements, my British family, and all. Again, the best part of my life. Alternate email: Tim Polodna: 06/07/13
    21. David M Kramarczyk: RAF Bentwaters, Jul 1967-Sep 1969, 81st Tac Hospital, Bentwaters. Medic, Vet Tech. Names I recall Larry Breton, Jerry Temple. 23/02/13
    22. Hoyet Lee Brown Jr: RAF Bentwaters/RAF Woodbridge, Apr 1977-Apr 1980, 81st Transportation. We lived in base housing in the town of Woodbridge.My rank at that time was T/Sgt. 12/03/13
    23. Jeff Shannon Benton: RAF Bentwaters/RAF Woodbridge, 1978-1979, Egress on the F-4�s. Enjoyed my time there, wish I could have gone back. 01/04/13
    24. Judy Cullen: Belton, Texas, RAF Woodbridge, 1984-88. My sons both graduated from Woodbridge American High school. I loved living there. It was wonderful. When we first arrived, we lived in a Quonset hut for six weeks while we were looking for a house. It was a great experience for all of us. 06/07/13
    25. John W Vrana II: RAF Bentwaters/RAF Woodbridge, 24 Jul 1987-14 Jul 1989, 81 TFW/ INT. 06/07/13
    26. LT Col (Ret Maj Gen) John J Burns: RAF Bentwaters, 1959-62, Squadron Commander for the 522nd and then 523rd or vice versa? Judi Burns, Fort Walton Beach area, Daughter of Gen Burns and wife Pat Burns. Those 3 years were some of the best times for this AF �Brat�, though I loved it all. Our military family was very close at RAF Bentwaters (as with all base locations) and we kept in touch with most. Dad passed in 2000 and Mom in 2008. I am thankful to my parents and to everyone in our military family for such a great life. You are all mighty special people! 09/19/13
    27. Col Guy H Foster: Overland Park, KS. RAF Bentwaters, 1963-67, From Son, Brock Foster 'Brat'. Looking for anyone who knew my father, or any other �brats� from that time. 11/04/13
    28. Charles 'Chuck' Morgan: RAF Bentwaters, Air Police. Tina Mattocks is looking for Charles? Also name of Englehardt and Petersen. 11/04/13
    29. Don Monroe: Roseburg, OR, RAF Bentwaters, 1971-76, 2164 Communications Sq. Met my wife on a blind date, were married in 1974 we are still married almost 40 years later. 12/10/13
    30. Terrie (Romaine) Houglin: Georgia, RAF Bentwaters, 1976-79, 2164 Father worked with F4'sr. JW if any of the kids I went to school with at Bentwaters is on here. I would have been in 3rd-5th grade. Although I was very young, of all the places we were stationed at, I remember and loved this one the best! Truly sad to see all the base closings. 05/29/14
    31. David K Ellington: Georgia, RAF Bentwaters, Feb 1964-Sep 1967, 81st FMS, ARR shop. I married a Woodbridge girl in May 1967 & 47 years later we are still happily married. Some of the guys I new or worked with are Mike Little, Dave Bowser, Gary Aho, Fulton Ainge, Leonard Fyhrie, Larry Hamilton, Nick Bellizie, Reheinard Bauer, Ken Buffington, SSgt Albert L Bowen, SSgt James Driskoll. 06/28/14
    32. Patrick M. Cullen (Miller) Seattle, WA, RAF Bentwaters/RAF Woodbridge, 1991-1993, 81st Civil Engineering Fire Department. 02/04/15
    33. James TavernaroRAF Bentwaters, Feb 1971-Oct 1974, 2164 Comm. Sq. but worked at the Orfordness Radar Site thru Jul 1973. I was then assigned on base as NCOIC of Teletype maintenance. I lived in Saxmundum military housing. I have two children that attended school in Woodbridge. My wife Loretta was in the Comm Sq wife's club. I would like to get in contact with any one in the Comm Sq. during that time. 02/11/15
    34. Bradley DoucetteConcord, MA, RAF Bentwaters/RAF Woodbridge,Dec 1980-Dec 1982, 81st TFW Data Automation. 03/06/15
    35. Sean GriffinWall Township New Jersey, Current Browns Mills New Jersey, RAF Bentwaters, 1986-88, Transportation Squadron, Air Freight. Buddies Rodney Mayo, David Manwaring, Wayne Reed , Sheila Bowels, Phone number 6093542416. 03/12/15
    36. Tim SpittlerCross Junction, VA, RAF Bentwaters, 1986-88, 81SPS K-9 Handler (narcotics). 03/12/15
    37. Anthony ApplewhiteMemphis, TN, RAF Bentwaters, 1980-82, 81st FMS A/R Shop. Played on the first baseball team at RAF Bentwaters, WR/Kick Returner on the football team. 03/13/15
    38. Owen Bennett (Chester) ChastainWarner Robins, Georgia, RAF Bentwaters, Oct 1960-July 1964. 81st Supply Sq. Retired USAF, November 1984 as SMSgt. 06/05/15
    39. Jimmie F Wiggins Burbank, Illinois, RAF Bentwaters, 1972-73. My fathers name was Jimmie F Wiggins. I believe he was stationed at an Air Force base in the Philippines in 1972-73. If anyone knew him, please contact me. Thank you. Carla Cash . 09/10/15
    40. Michael E de Leon Fort Collins CO, RAF Bentwaters/RAF Woodbridge, Nov 1982-Nov 1986, 81st SPS. 08/105/15
    41. Lawrence "Ralph" Davis JrVictoria TX, RAF Bentwaters, 1990-1993. 81TFW Command Post - EA Controller. My second of two back to back assignments in England (Previously at RAF Fairford, 11th Strategic Group/SAC) Best five years in my career! 03/07/16
    42. David FiskElephant and Castle, Eyke, RAF Bentwaters, Information for Earl, he was my brother-in- law and sadly passed away last July. 03/07/16
    43. Alvin RiceRAF Bentwaters/RAF Woodbridge, 1969-72, 81st TFW, 81st CES Fire Dept. 05/25/16
    44. Max L. Williams MSgt RAF Bentwaters, Jun 1959,-Jun 1962. I am Patricia (Tricia) Williams Harris, 214-808-2082. We lived in Ipswich from Dec 1959-Aug when we moved to Woodbridge and I started school. I was looking for several people that I remember from that time and wanted to know how to get on the site. My mom was Bernice Williams. I would love to find a William E. Wiseman who was an Airman at the time and attached to the Base Chapel when Coloned Newton Cole was the Chaplain. He was married to Joy Wiseman and they had a daughter, Shirley Bernice, who was named after my mom. They kept in touch with my mom and dad for many years and then were transferred to Tel Aviv and we never heard from them again. I would like to know what happened to them. They also had a son named Joseph and an adopted daughter named Carla. I remember several names of friends who lived on our street on the base and would certainly like to know where they are as well. What do i need to do to add my name to the list and see if I can find anyone who lived there during that time or were stationed with my dad? I'd really appreciate it and so excited to find this. 06/13/16
    45. William Anthony Kayes A2C, AF12586435RAF Bentwaters/81st Tactical Fighter Wing, Early 1960s. Married Yvonne Went May 1963. Contact Paula Aldous, at [email protected] 05/17/16
    46. Robert Ward RAF Bentwaters, 20 May 1980-20 Dec 1983, CSG/CBPO, mostly Outbound Assignments. 09/17/16
    47. Mike Hawes RAF Bentwaters, 1963-1992 (closing), Central Accounting Office, Stores at the Motor Pool, Production Controller in aircraft maintenance in charge of local manufacture. We were transferred to RAC (repairable asset control) then RAM (repairable asset management) as part of 81st Supply Squadron. RAF Mildenhall, 1992-2005, making it 42 years working for MOD. 09/20/16

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      IMPORTANT: Bob Green: Whitehall, PA. RAF Alconbury. For anyone who served at RAF Alconbury, Bruntingthorpe, Chelveston or Molesworth, you are invited to the RAF Alconbury website. Email me stating with which base you were associated, when you were there, your squadron, and any other brief information for details about your association with your base(s).02/20/10

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    115. History of RAF Bentwaters

      RAF Bentwaters :

      Royal Air Force Bentwaters or more simply RAF Bentwaters, now known as Bentwaters Parks, is a former Royal Air Force station about 80 miles (130 km) northeast of London and 10 miles (16 km) east-northeast of Ipswich, near Woodbridge, Suffolk in England. Its name was taken from two cottages (Bentwaters Cottages) that had stood on the site of the main runway during its construction in 1943. It was used by the Royal Air Force (RAF) during the Second World War, and by the United States Air Force (USAF) during the Cold War, being the primary home for the 81st Fighter Wing under various designations from 1951 to 1993. For many years the 81st Fighter Wing also operated RAF Woodbridge, with Bentwaters and Woodbridge airfields being known by the Americans as the "Twin Bases". RAF Bentwaters is also near the location for the alleged December 1980 UFO incident in Rendlesham Forest. The site is now known as Bentwaters Parks. The Bentwaters Cold War Museum is located on the site, there are offices and warehouses, and the site is also used for television and film making.

      Second World War:

      Bentwaters airfield's origin dates to 1942 when construction began on a Royal Air Force station called Royal Air Force Butley for use by RAF Bomber Command. On 28 January 1943 the station was renamed Royal Air Force Bentwaters. It was opened for operational use in April 1944. In December it was transferred to No. 11 Group, RAF Fighter Command . During the Second World War, RAF squadrons at Bentwaters were:
      No. 64 Squadron RAF between 29 December 1944 and 15 August 1945 with North American Mustang III moved to RAF Horsham St Faith.
      No. 65 Squadron RAF between 15 May 1945 and 13 August 1945 with Mustang IV moved to RAF Fairwood Common.
      No. 118 Squadron RAF between 15 December 1944 and 11 August 1945 with re-equipped Mustang III moved to RAF Fairwood Common.
      No. 126 Squadron RAF between 30 December 1944 and 5 September 1945 with Mustang III then upgrading to Mustang IV in August 1945.
      No. 129 Squadron RAF between 11 December 1944 and 26 May 1945 with Mustang III, swapping to Supermarine Spitfire IXE in May 1945.
      No. 165 Squadron RAF between 15 December 1944 and 29 May 1945 with Mustang III until May 1945 then the Spitfire IXE.
      No. 234 Squadron RAF.
      No. 245 Squadron RAF.
      Two other units were also based at Bentwaters, these were No. 226 Operational Conversion Unit RAF and No. 7 Fighter Command Servicing Unit.
      In addition to its RAF use, United States Army Air Forces (USAAF) fighters flew escort missions for RAF Bomber Command from Bentwaters beginning on 4 May 1945. The USAAF designation for Bentwaters was AAF Station 151. During the postwar years, the RAF retained Bentwaters for flying various aircraft, including first-generation jet aircraft. before finally closing the facility on 26 August 1949 when it was placed into 'care and maintenance' status.
      The squadrons were:
      No. 56 Squadron RAF reformed here on 1 April 1946 and stayed until 16 September 1946 with the Gloster Meteor F.3 moving to RAF Boxted.
      No. 74 Squadron RAF between 2 June 1946 and 9 June 1945 with Meteor F.3s moved to RAF Colerne.
      No. 124 Squadron RAF between 5 October 1945 and 18 February 1946 with Meteor F.3s moving to RAF Fairwood Common. The squadron returned on 20 March 1946 and stayed until 1 April 1946 still with the Meteor F.3 before being renamed 56 Squadron.
      No. 2707 Squadron RAF Regiment.
      No. 2791 Squadron RAF Regiment.
      No. 2839 Squadron RAF Regiment.

      USAF Use:

      Control of Bentwaters was transferred to the United States Air Force on 16 March 1951 by the Ministry of Defence, and the United States Air Forces in Europe (USAFE) designated it a primary installation of HQ USAFE on 7 September 1951. Bentwaters was to play a key role in the defence of Western Europe during the Cold War when large numbers of USAF aircraft were assigned as part of the air arm of NATO. On 16 March 1951, the USAF 7506th Air Support Group was assigned to Bentwaters. Their mission was to bring the facility up to NATO standards. During most of 1951 and 1952 USAF construction upgraded the operational facilities, as well as the construction of support facilities. Early USAF units at Bentwaters were as follows:
      9th Air Rescue Squadron (July 1951 November 1952) (Boeing SB-29 'Super Dumbo'). This unit flew air-sea rescue missions with aging B-29 aircraft adapted to drop airborne lifeboats. It received its nickname from earlier "Dumbo" missions that picked airmen up when they crashed at sea. The unit departed in November 1952 for RAF Burtonwood.
      7554th Target Tow Flight (March December 1952) (Stinson L-5E, Douglas TB-26C). This unit flew aerial targets for gunnery practice by NATO aircraft.
      81st Tactical Fighter Wing
      McDonnell F-101C-45-MC Voodoo, AF Serial No. 56-0014 of the 81st Tactical Fighter Wing, taken on a rainy day at Bentwaters. Note the three colour (Red, Yellow, Blue) tail markings, signifying this as the Wing Commander's Aircraft with the colours signifying each of the three fighter squadrons assigned to the 81st TFW. After its service in the UK ended in 1965, this aircraft was withdrawn from active USAF service. It was converted to an RF-101H unarmed reconnaissance aircraft and assigned to Air National Guard duty.McDonnell F-4D-28-MC Phantom Serial No 65-0738 of the 78th Tactical Fighter Squadron, Sep 1972. This aircraft was retired to AMARC on 13 June 1990. A-10A AF Serial No 81-0991 of the 91st Tactical Fighter Squadron, 7 June 1985. This aircraft is still in active service (2006).General Dynamics F-16C Block 30C Fighting Falcon, AF Serial No 86-0229 of the 527th Aggressor Squadron, July 1989. The 527th AS was the only USAFE squadron in the UK to be assigned the F-16. The 81st Fighter-Interceptor Wing became the new host unit at Bentwaters in September 1951. The 81st, in various designations, remained at RAF Bentwaters for over 40 years during the Cold War era. The 81st FIW was a North American F-86A "Sabre" equipped unit, being activated at Moses Lake AFB, Washington in May, 1950. In August 1951, the 81st flew initially into RAF Shepherds Grove, then in September transferred its headquarters to RAF Bentwaters.
      The 81st FIW's operational squadrons were:
      91st Fighter-Interceptor (Blue)
      92d Fighter-Interceptor (Yellow)
      116th Fighter-Interceptor (Red)
      Markings of the 81st FIW's F-86s consisted of a blue vertical stabilizer with three yellow lighting flashes, with the squadron colour painted with a lightning flash along the fuselage.
      The 116th FIS was an activated Washington Air National Guard squadron that remained at Shepherds Grove while assigned to the 81st. In November 1952 when the squadron was returned to state control, it was redesignated the 78th Fighter-Interceptor squadron.
      The 78th FIS moved to RAF Sculthorpe in May 1956. The 78th briefly returned to Shepherds Grove in May 1957 before being reassigned to RAF Woodbridge in December 1958 when the USAF returned Shepherds Grove to the Ministry of Defence.
      The mission of the 81st FIW was to provide air defence of the United Kingdom. It performed this mission jointly with the RAF, working with No. 11 Group RAF Fighter Command. The wing was the first unit of F-86's assigned to NATO and the first foreign air unit to participate in the peacetime air defence of the United Kingdom. In October 1954 the mission of the 81st changed from fighter-interceptor to fighter-bomber operations, carrying both conventional and nuclear weapons. The wing was charged with tactical operations in support of USAFE and NATO, with air defense as a secondary mission. To reflect this change, the unit was redesignated the 81st Fighter-Bomber Wing and traded in its F-86s for the Republic F-84F "Thunderstreak".
      On 8 July 1958 Bentwaters was operated as "twin base" with RAF Woodbridge and as a single unit under the newly designated 81st Tactical Fighter Wing. Along with the 91st and 92d squadrons, the 78th Tactical Fighter Squadron was transferred from RAF Shepherds Grove when the USAF returned Shepherds Grove to the Ministry of Defence. The 78th TFS operated from Woodbridge, while the 91st and 92d squadrons operated from Bentwaters.
      Beginning in the fall of 1958, the 81st TFW was requiped with the McDonnell F-101A/C "Voodoo". The F-101 was configured as a fighter bomber, intended to carry a single nuclear weapon for use against battlefield targets such as airfields. The Voodoos were equipped with Low Angle Drogued Delivery (LADD) and Low Altitude Bombing System (LABS) equipment for its primary mission of delivering nuclear weapons at extremely low altitudes. Pilots were trained for one-way missions into Soviet territory to increase effective range at some cost in negating pilot recovery.
      In November 1965, the 81st received McDonnell F-4 Phantom II's to replace the Voodoos. The Bentwaters-based 91st and 92nd squadrons flew the F-4C, and later the Woodbridge-based 78th squadron was upgraded to the more capable F-4D during late 1972 and 1973. About 1970, two-letter Tail Codes were used initially for squadron identification. The tail codes for the 81st TFW F-4s were:
      78th Tactical Fighter - WR (Red tail stripe)
      91st Tactical Fighter - WS (Blue tail stripe)
      92d Tactical Fighter - WT (Yellow tail stripe)
      In 1972, squadron tail codes were abolished, and a standard "WR" was used for all aircraft assigned to the 81st TFW.
      The 81st began conversion to the Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II in June 1979. The A-10 being a single-seat, twin-engine jet aircraft designed to provide close air support (CAS) of ground forces by attacking tanks, armoured vehicles, and other ground targets. With the A-10, the wing's mission changed to close air support and battlefield air interdiction in support of NATO ground forces.It was decided to expand the 81st with six A-10 squadrons distributed over both Woodbridge and Bentwaters as follows:
      78th Tactical Fighter (Woodbridge) (Received A-10s 3 June 1979)
      91st Tactical Fighter (Woodbridge) (Received A-10s 24 August 1979)
      92d Tactical Fighter (Bentwaters) (Received A-10s 25 June 1979)
      509th Tactical Fighter (Activated 1 October 1979) (Bentwaters) (Grey tail stripe) (Received A-10s 1 October 1979)
      510th Tactical Fighter (Activated 1 October 1978) (Bentwaters) (Purple tail stripe) (Received A-10s 1 October 1979)
      511th Tactical Fighter (Activated 1 January 1980) (Bentwaters) (Black tail stripe) (Received A-10s 1 January 1980)
      This arrangement continued until June 1988 when the 10th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing at RAF Alconbury became a Tactical Fighter Wing, and the 509th and 511th were transferred there on 1 June and 1 September, respectively.With the transfer of the A-10s to Alconbury, the 527th Aggressor Squadron was transferred to Bentwaters. The mission of the 527th was to provide dissimiar air combat training for NATO pilots, using Soviet tactics. They flew the Northop F-5 Freedom Fighter's at Alconbury, however after 12 years of intense flying, by 1988 the fleet of aggressor F-5Es was getting rather worn out as a result of sustained exposure to the rigors of air combat maneuvering. It was decided to re-equip the squadron with General Dynamics F-16C Fighting Falcons when the squadron was assigned to Bentwaters.The 527th AS flew its last F-5E sortie from Alconbury on 22 June 1988. On 14 July 1988 the squadron was transferred, transitioning to F-16Cs by mid-January 1989 at Bentwaters. However, in 1990 with the collapse of the Soviet Union, the decision was made to terminate the entire USAF aggressor program. The 527th AS was inactivated on 30 September 1990. An A-10 forward operating location was established at Sembach Air Base West Germany on 1 September 1978 when Det. 1, 81st Tactical Fighter Wing was activated. Revetments and a dozen hardened aircraft shelters were built and A-10A Single-seat forward air control versions began operations at Sembach during May 1979. Additional detachments were subsequently established at Leipheim, Alhorn and Norvenich Air Bases in West Germany and at two additional unmanned reserve Forward Operating locations which remain classified; one in the north of Germany and one in the south, both in rear of the other four named bases. A-10's and support resources routinely rotated to these Forward Operating Locations from RAF Bentwaters for training and Tactical Evaluations. The C-130 rotating to the detachments was affectionately called "The Klong". In the event of war in the 1980s, the Bentwater A-10's were to fight from Germany, and Bentwaters would host F-16's from Nellis AFB and from Myrtle Beach AFB, South Carolina.

      Post Cold War:

      With the end of the Cold War, the USAF presence at Bentwaters was gradually phased down. It was announced that the station would be closed and the 81st TFW would be deactivated. The Bentwaters-based squadrons were phased-down as follows:
      510th Tactical Fighter Squadron was transferred to the 52d Fighter Wing at Spangdahlem Air Base Germany on 4 January 1993. On 1 February 1994 it was inactivated at Spangdahlem, but it was reactivated on 23 March 1994 as a Block 40 F-16C/D squadron at Aviano Air Base Italy.
      92d Tactical Fighter Squadron was inactivated on 31 March 1993. Its aircraft were sent back to the United States to various Air National Guard squadrons.
      The last A-10 aircraft departed Bentwaters on 23 March 1993, and the 81st Tactical Fighter Wing was inactivated on 1 July 1993. With the inactivation, the USAF returned control of Bentwaters to the Ministry of Defence. Currently, Bentwaters airfield is inactive as a military facility.

      Current Uses:

      With the handover of Bentwaters back to the UK Ministry of Defence in 1993, the facility was closed. It is now known as "Bentwaters Parks".
      The ATC tower at the former RAF Bentwaters.
      War Operation Room
      Bentwaters Cold War Museum:

      In 2003, work commenced on the Bentwaters Cold War Museum (BCWM).[12] The museum opened on Sunday 27 May 2007. The museum is located in the former USAF hardened command post, believed to be the only such building open to the public in the UK. The main "war operations room" and "Battle cabin" have been restored to their original condition; the BT telephone exchange room, decontamination showers, and airlock have been similarly restored. Other rooms within the building have been turned into exhibition rooms, covering the history of RAF Bentwaters from the Second World War until the station closed in 1993. Included in this are histories of the units that operated from the airfield, particularly the 81 TFW. Another room is dedicated to the history of the other airfield which was part of the "twin base" complex, RAF Woodbridge, again covering the period from the Second World War until the present day. Other exhibition rooms featuring information on the "Special Operations/Rescue Squadrons" that were based at RAF Woodbridge, and also the "Aggressor" Squadron based at Bentwaters.The museum is run by volunteers from Bentwaters Aviation Society.

      Television and media:

      In 2001 many of the missions in the paintballing game show X-Fire took place in and around the facilities at Bentwaters.Later series of Channel 4's consumer motoring programme Driven were based in one of the hangars.In 2005 Bentwaters was used for the Space Cadets TV programme, where it played the part of a fake Russian space training and launch base.In 2008 an episode of the History Channel's UFO Hunters entitled "Military vs. UFOs", was aired. The episode focused on RAF Bentwaters' 1956 and 1980 UFO incidents.It is the site used for the BBC television programme "Dog Borstal", and more recently for some "Top Gear" stunts.The site is also used for the Dave television programme "Driving Wars".The site was recently used for the filming of Fast & Furious 6. In August 2012 it was used as the set for Derren Brown's "Apocalypse" episodes. RAF Bentwaters was also one of the main filming sites for the 2013 movie The Numbers Station. In June 2014 the base was used a wedding venue by the BBC for Don't Tell The Bride.

      American Air Bases in Post War Suffolk
      The USAAF since 1945
      Click Here for List of RAF Bases: Links to many RAF Bases in UK.

      During World War II the Eighth Air Force alone lost 26,000 men in action, although the exact numbers cannot be known. What is sure are the memories left behind in East Anglia after an intense three years of operations by young men who are still remembered with deep respect and affection to this day. Although most of the American forces left Britain after Victory in Europe, a few bases were reactivated as the Cold War got under way.
      USAFE Badge As matters grew worse in international tension some new bases were loaned to America for use with the Thor Missile System. By the early 1960's this phase had passed, and these sites were stood down. With the fall of the Iron Curtain came further reductions in US forces held in Britain.
      In 1993 the twin bases at RAF Woodbridge and Bentwaters were returned to the British. In 1995 Alconbury closed after 53 years of US flying presence. Later that year Chicksands was returned to the British after 45 years in US hands.
      By the end of 1996 the USAFE had only 246 planes in Europe, its lowest ever level. It had peaked at 17,850 in 1945, fallen to 371 in 1950, peaked again at 2,132 in 1954, fell to 1,079 in 1964, and 700 in 1974, rose to 852 in 1989 and declined since then as the Cold War ended.
      The bases in the area of West Suffolk which figured in this story are listed below.

      RAF Mildenhall

      Royal Air Force
      Beck Row airfield, as it was first known, opened in 1934 and was immediately important as part of the Mildenhall to Melbourne Air Race won by the de Havilland Comet.
      Today the Mildenhall Air Show is internationally know
      n, but what is less well known is that important airshows have been staged at Mildenhall since before the Second World War. The Silver Jubilee Air Review was held here in July 1935 in the presence of King George V, with over 350 aircraft on show.
      The first squadrons (99 and 149) at Mildenhall flew Heyford bombers and were on standby during the 1938 Munich crisis. By 1939 Wellington bombers were delivered and 99 Squadron was then re-stationed at Newmarket Heath. 149 Squadron remained at Mildenhall flying its first raid in Wellingtons in September 1939 against the German fleet near the Kiel Canal.
      From late 1940 to 1942 149 Squadron was part of the night bomber offensive. In 1941 the film "Target for Tonight" was made here. Stirling bombers were introduced in 1941 and in April 1942 149 Squadron moved to Lakenheath. In November 1942 the airfield was changed from grass surface to concrete. In April 1943 operations resumed with Sterlings of XV Squadron and 622 Squadron was formed. In December 1943 both squadrons converted to Lancasters. Number 622 Squadron disbanded in August 1945 and was replaced by 44 Squadron, here until August 1946. In February 1949 four squadrons of Lancasters arrived and later converted to Lincolns. However the Lincoln was already out of date and in March 1950 these squadrons disbanded.
      b) United States Air Force
      In mid-1950 the Americans came to Mildenhall and high security was installed. By June one squadron of B50's of 93rd Bomb Group arrived and stayed until February 1951 when 509th Bomb Group replaced them. The 2nd and 22nd Bomb Group followed in succession. In October 1951 Strategic Air Command (SAC) took control of Mildenhall. Tankers arrived in 1953 and in 1957 B47's first arrived.
      In 1959 the base become a transport centre and the C124's arrived and Mildenhall became home of 322nd Air Division. Later the controlling unit became 513th Tactical Airlift Wing.
      Mildenhall was to become the USAF's "Gateway to Europe" as a staging post for flights from the USA. Galaxies, Starlifters and C-130 Hercules all flew through Mildenhall.
      In 1965 the first 5 EC135's moved to Mildenhall to take advantage of its longer runway. They started to fly one 8 hour mission a day as Operation Silk Purse. In 1966 the 513th Troop Carrier Wing had to leave France and moved to Mildenhall. By 1968 Operation Silk Purse was flying 24 hours a day.
      In 1972 the US 3rd Air Division HQ moved to Mildenhall from South Ruislip, where it still remains.
      In 1976 KC-135 Tanker operations moved to Mildenhall from Torrejon in Spain.
      SR-71 Blackbird In 1982 the first of two SR-71 Blackbird reconnaissance aircraft was permanently stationed at Mildenhall.
      These planes were at first a closely guarded secret. Reports soon circulated among locals who saw them land or take off, but were usually dismissed as they were so rarely seen. Eventually it was acknowledged that the Blackbird was a reality.
      A10 In June 1987 the 513th Tactical Airlift Wing was re-designated the 513th Airborne Command and Control Wing. In 1990, with the closure of other UK bases, SAC's 11th Strategic Group and 13 KC135s moved from Fairford to Mildenhall which then held all of the in-flight refuelling KC135s in the UK.
      In February 1992 the 100th Air Refuelling Wing was set up at Mildenhall made up of the 513th TAW merged with SAC's 306th Strategic Wing which was deactivated. The 100th Regional Support Group was set up at the same time but in July 1994 was replaced by the expanded role of the 603rd RSG. This was deactivated in general restructuring in September 1996. In 1995 the 352nd Special Operations Group moved here from Alconbury.
      Still known as RAF Mildenhall, this base covers over 1,000 acres and the main runway is over 3,000 yards long.
      RAF Mildenhall operates its own website at www.mildenhall.af.mil. It is aimed at re-locating USAFE personnel.

      RAF Lakenheath and the 48th Fighter Wing

      RAF Lakenheath was built in 1941 and in January 1942 Stirlings of 149 Squadron started operations here as a satellite of Mildenhall.
      In April 1942 149 Squadron fully moved to Lakenheath and was based here for two years, later to specialise in mine-laying. 199 Squadron arrived in Wellingtons in July 1943 and then converted to Sterlings.
      In May 1944 199 Squadron moved to North Creake and 149 moved to Methwold.
      Lakenheath was inactive until July 1948 when the USAAF flew in B29's of 2nd Bomb Group as part of the Berlin airlift. Transports and Tankers followed and in 1951 93rd Bomb Group flew B50's from the base. Giant B36's and Globemasters followed.
      High security arrived in 1952 with a high wire fence so that B47's could arrive in 1953 together with other "secret" planes including the U2.
      In 1956 the B-47 strategic bombers moved to the Midlands.
      In 1960 the Americans removed their nuclear capable fighters out of France and the 48th Wing moved into Lakenheath from Chaumont with F100 Super Sabres and were reassigned from the 17th Air Force to the 3rd Air Force. Both Mildenhall and Lakenheath became SAC bases with this move. Later the 48th FW were to fly F4's, and in 1977 the F111's were introduced which were later to see action over Libya and in the Gulf.
      In 1980 the F111s were modified by the installation of the Pave Tack system which allowed weapons delivery around the clock, from high or low altitudes.
      On 15th April 1986, 18 USAFE F-111F fighter bombers flew from Lakenheath to join 15 A6 and A7 attack planes from the USS America and USS Coral Sea in the Mediterranean to bomb terrorist-related targets in Tripoli and Benghazi. One F111 and its crew of two did not return.
      In August 1990 18 of Lakenheath's F111s are deployed to Saudi Arabia as part of Desert Shield. 14 more go in September, 20 in November and 12 in December. Desert Storm began on 16th January 1991.
      The F111's were to leave the 48th FW at Lakenheath during 1992 and the last one left in December 1992.
      Lakenheath now flies the F15E fighter planes with the distinctive twin tails. The first F15E in Europe come to Lakenheath in February 1992. 48 in total were delivered up to May 1994 to the 48th Fighter Wing.

      Shepherds' Grove

      During the war, Shepherds' Grove was a base for Stirling bombers. It was, in fact, built for the USAAF in 1943, but it was assigned to the RAF's 3 Group as a satellite of Stradishall in April 1944. At the end of 1944 Shepherds Grove was transferred to 38 Group. In January 1945 Numbers 196 and 299 Stirling transport squadrons moved in. These squadrons were involved in supply drops for Special Operations and towed gliders from Shepherds' Grove as part of the Rhine crossing. Sterlings continued to deliver mail and stores overseas until March 1946.
      In May 1946 the station was taken over by 60 Group as a satellite of Watton Radio Warfare Establishment, and some Ansons and Lancasters were positioned here.
      In 1950 the station was put on Care and Maintenance.
      In 1951 it was loaned to the USAF and in August the 116th Squadron of the 81st Fighter Interceptor Wing brought in F86A Sabres, the first in this country. 92nd Squadron joined soon after. In 1952 the 116th became the 78th Fighter Squadron, and 1954 received F84F Thunderstreaks.
      The 78th moved to Woodbridge in December 1958.
      In 1959 Shepherds' Grove became a Thor Missile Base and a flight of 82 Squadron operated them until their removal in 1963.
      The site then changed to agriculture with an industrial estate and extensive use for housing.


      Tuddenham opened in October 1943 as part of 3 Group RAF and Number 90 Squadron started flying Stirlings in that month laying mines and special operations air drops.
      In May 1944 the Stirlings were replaced by Lancasters and they flew a large number of important day and night operations until the end of the war.
      Part of 90 Squadron formed the nucleus of 186 Squadron in October 1944 and moved to Stradishall in December.
      In March 1945 138 Squadron moved to Tuddenham from Tempsford, and converted to Lancasters. In April 1946 Numbers 149 and 207 Squadrons arrived, although only on half strength. Tuddenham closed for flying in November 1946.
      In December 1954 the base transferred to the USAF as a sub-station of Pickenham.
      From July 1959 to July 1963 107 Squadron was formed and Tuddenham became a Thor Missile base. After this period the base was sold off.

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      Many of you were familiar with Linn's great pages about RAF Woodbridge and RAF Bentwaters. We were shocked and left without words of expression upon hearing of his sudden death. We visited with Linn, his wife, and his cats in Woodbridge, on 2 occasions on our visits to Ipswich over the years. Linn was a fine man who was most interested in the bases and the Airmen. His wonderful pages express his feelings towards them. He will be much missed by us, and by all the people that frequented his webpages. Linn had a great influence on our pages. About 12 years ago, We first contacted Linn while we were starting our pages and he was a great help to us. Our prayers and condolences go out to his family. He will be missed by all!
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      Here at the 81st Training Wing we are very proud of the heritage we inherited from the 81st Fighter Wing. However, we don't have the full story on some things. One thing we don't know much about is the Ceremonial Sword we inherited along with the 81st nomenclature. Do you know of anyone who may have the word on this particular artifact? Any help you can give us in this matter will be greatly appreciated. Also looking for the Heraldry of the Pilot's Scarf.
      V/R, Michael Plummer, 81TRW/HO, tel: 228.377.2112

      Bentwaters Cold War Museum
      The Bentwaters Aviation Society, are a small group of friends who are working on a museum project at RAF Bentwaters. The Bentwaters Cold War Museum, based in the Wing Operations Centre (Command Bunker). Some rooms will be restored to their original condition, whilst other rooms will be used to show the history of RAF Bentwaters, the units that have been based there, and information on the 'twin' base at RAF Woodbridge. If you would like to help, in any way, we would like to hear from you. We are looking for all types of information, whether this is pictures, memorabilia, stories of your time at RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge, or any help that you may be able to offer. More information on the museum can be found at: Bentwates Cold War Museum. Please let any ex-service personnel, or friends that you are in contact with, know about the museum project.

      Contacts: (Click on Name to send E-Mail)
      Andrew Horrex
      Graham Haynes, Technical Adviser
      Sarah Kemball, Bentwaters Parks Ltd
      Control Tower, Rendlesham, Woodbridge, Suffolk,IP12 2TW,UK
      Tel: +44 (0)1394 460655, Fax: +44 (0)1394 460355

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