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'Failte Romhat!'
Irish 'Welcome'!

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March 17th, 20154 'St Patrick's Day'

Top o' the Mornin To Ya. Today, everyone is Irish! Wearing of the Green and Corn Beef and Cabbage! A pint of Guiness would also be nice. Now grab the spouse, or whomever may be handy, listen to the music, and get those feet in motion to a fine Irish Jig.

A fine St Patricks day to the lot of you!
Maureen and Jim

'As you slide down the bannister of life,
May the splinters never point the wrong way' . . . 'Irish Blessing'

Meet My Leprechaun

Background picture: Castle Island, Nr Boyle, Co: Roscommon! Where, on the site of the present 19th century picturesque castle. Tadgh McDermott of Moylurg, chieftain of the surrounding area, feasted the literati of Ireland in 1541. Lough Key History also Irish Legend of �na Bh�n

Most of the pages on this site (Click) are British! union_jack 'How awful!' (Just Kidding!...I love Britain and the Brits, I married one!). Since MY ROOTS are mostly Irish, I am compelled to add this page. This is a NON-POLITICAL page, really! The many Irish links on this page I chose for their information content and a lot of nice pictures. What I decide to place on this page is meant for your fun and information only. Many thanks to Jim Norton, [Homepage] and [More Pages] visit his great Irish Links. Met him on the net through 'The Tansey Book' and the 'Tansey Holiday' (Get out the cold cuts and toss ice cubes into the street!). Remember...Last Thursday & Friday in January Every Year! Please Enjoy!... Jim Tansey, Jr. (Clik here for family info)

(Ireland Forever)

  • Jim's Dream: March 2003, Maureen and I, along with our niece Marie and Maureens Mum, visited Boyle, Co: Roscommon from March 2nd to 5th, 2003. A nice 3 hour ride NW from Doublin on the N4. It is a very nice town of about 2200 persons located near Sligo. Had a very nice stay at the Cesh Corran B&B. We will be returning for another visit from March 12th to 19th 2005.

    My Irish Name: S�amas Seosamh Mac an T�naiste (James Joseph Tansey)

    Jim's Irish Roots

  • (1) My GGGFather, Thomas Tansey married to Mary Corcoran Dec 11, 1834 at the Roman Catholic Parish of Aghanagh, Co: Sligo, Ireland. See Below! Both born about 1816. Their children, born in (Co: Roscommon?) Ireland, are as follows: Catherine, DOB: Abt Jun 2, 1839; Patrick J., DOB: Feb 2, 1841; Joseph O., DOB: Jan 1, 1843 in Boyle, CO: Roscommon; Brigid, DOB: Abt Mar 22, 1844; Honora, DOB: Abt Mar 3, 1847; Honoria, DOB: Abt Apr 9, 1849; Hannah J., DOB: Apr 1859.
  • (2) My GGFather, Joseph O. Tansey, DOB: Jan 01, 1843, Boyle, Co: Roscommon, Ireland. His wife was Mary Ann Sheerin, DOB: Mar 1843, Doon, Co: Roscommon, Ireland.
  • (3) My GFather, James Steven Tansey, DOB: Jul 11 1874, married Mary A. Foley DOB: 1874 Co: Laetrum, Ireland and had six children.
  • (4) My Father, James Joseph Tansey Sr, DOB: Oct 22 1911, married Gladys Caisse, DOB: Aug 7 1915, in Greenville, NH, Mar 16 1940 and had two children.
  • (5) James Joseph Tansey Jr, DOB: Jan 20 1941, married Maureen Ellen Jarrett, DOB: Aug 28 1942, Oct 5 1963 in Ipswich, Suffolk, England and have 3 children.
    Note: I still have quite a bit of research left to do but as a lot of it is now centered in Ireland I am not quite sure the best way to go about it. I am finding out that Tansey is not the most common name in Ireland. From my research I have found that most Tansey's are from the Sligo, Roscommon area...Submitted by Deborah D (Tansey) LeBlanc...(Debbie is Jim T's daughter)

    * * * [Guestbook Entry 12/28/99: From A. Riley, Chicago, Illinois, USA
    Comments: I was searching the web for entries on Aghanagh, the parish in Ireland where my ggggrandmother was baptized. Imagine my surprise when I read that your ancestor was from the same place and emigrated to the same place, Leominster, Massachusetts! Coincidence? Or was there some reason they chose that particular little town? Heaven knows there were dozens of other industrial towns in Massachusetts they could have chosen. My ggggrandmother, Atty McDonough Crain, emigrated with her 10 kids after her husband John died, sometime between 1848 and 1850...All the best, A. Riley]

    Origin of Tansey Name
  • Tansey is an anglicization of the Gaelic name, now rare, O'Blioscann, (pronounced O' Bleescawn).

  • (Mac) Tansey - Woulfe found no early form of this name, but stated that in the spoken language it is rendered as O'Bliosca'in by a supposed translation of the English word tansy (an aromatic herb). If so he should surely have written O'Briosca'n, Bliosca'n being an artichoke. However, I think there is no doubt that the correct Irish form of Tansey is Mac an Ta'naiste, i.e. son of the tanist. This is supported by the inclusion of the surname Tanist as one of the principal Irish names in the barony of Corren, Co. Sligo, in the "census" of 1659: South Sligo and the adjacent part of the North Roscommon is the principal location of Tansey families in more recent times. As Mac Etanestie it occurs in a Connacht Fiant of 1588. (More Irish Names (Name of the book) Edward MacLysaght (Author) (Irish Academic Press 1982)...Submitted by Deborah D (Tansey) LeBlanc...(Debbie is Jim T's daughter)
    Tansey: fairly numerous: mainly Roscommon-Sligo. Ir. Mac an T�naiste (pronounced 'taw-nisch-ta') (heir presumptive to the head of a sept). Confusion with tansy (flower) gives Ir. � Bliosc�in.

    The Word of the Day in Irish

    Word: t�naiste (TAW-nish-chuh) [ta:nis't'@] (plural: T�naistithe)
    Meaning: t�naiste = heir presumptive; second-in-command; deputy PM
    Usage: T�naiste came into English in the 16th century as "tanist", the technical term for the successor to an Irish chieftain, chosen during the current chieftain's lifetime. This practice developed as a means of removing the strife of succession, which otherwise left small states prey to opportunistic neighbors. Under the present Irish constitution, T�naiste is the title of the deputy prime minister, and acts on behalf of the Taoiseach if he/she is unavailable.
    Ainmn�onn an Taoiseach an T�naiste. (AN-uhm-nee-uhn uhn TEE-shuhkhuhn TAW-nish-chuh) = The Taoiseach names the T�naiste.
    The word is also used metaphorically: T� s� i dt�naiste dom in aois. (TAW shay uh DAW-nish-chuh duhm uhn EESH) = He is nearly as old as I am.(lit., he is in second position to-me in age)
    History: Old Irish "t�naise" comes from Common Celtic *t�nihessio- (one who is awaited), from Indo-European *to-ad-ni-sed-, from the root *sed- (to sit).
    Scottish Gaelic: t�naiste

    Joe Tansey...Real Irishman
    Click on Pic for his Story
    joe tansey...real irishman

    Jim Norton's Links
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    NOTE: Article 8 of the Irish Constitution makes the following affirmation:

  • The Irish language as the national language is the first official language.
  • The English language is recognized as a second official language.
  • Anyone who has a PARENT or GRANDPARENT born in the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland can get an Irish passport by applying to your local embassy or consulate. Click *HERE* for more information. Also, What is the meaning of Irish?'

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  • Irish Slideshow Circa 1900's by Jim Tansey

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