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  • Valerie Earley : Ipswich, Suffolk, UK. RAF Bentwaters. So nice to see a little bit of home. My husband was part of the last AGS in USAFE in 1993. We now live in Northern Japan and have 3 little girls. Hello to all the people who thought I was crazy. Thanks for bringing a slice of Ipswich to the land of the rising sun. 5/20/99
  • Frank W Ecker: Spokane, WA. RAF Woodbridge, Dec 1973-76, 67 ARRS (HH-53). 2/1/03
  • Captain Mark Edens: Los Angeles, CA. RAF Woodbridge May 1983-May 1987, 67th ARRS Crew Chief. Married an Ipswich girl.
  • Kublik (Red) Edgar, Msgt Ret PO Box 224, Bennett, Iowa 52721. RAF Bentwaters 1955-58, 1962-66, Supply Sq, RAF Woodbridge, 1970-74, 67th Rescue. Wife Susan from Woodbridge. Many great memories and friends still in contact. So many changes from the 1950's and what's left today. Always glad to hear from anybody. 07/02/08
  • Sanford "Ed" Edmonds: Porter, Indiana. RAF Bentwaters, Jan 1963-Jan 1967, 81st Civil Engr Sq, Fire Dept. In 1973 I changed my name to Trevor Christopher Kelly. Hey its legal. I worked mostly in the Alarm Room at the RAF Bentwaters Fire Station. What a great time to be in the UK. I miss those days living in the "Huts" at Site 7. I used to ride a green Lambretta scooter that I bought from SSgt Evans. Now, in 2006 I bought a Honda Scooter. What a hoot, some things just never stop being fun. If anyone remembers me give me a shout. 09/06/06
  • Jim D "Gator" Edwards A1C: RAF Bentwaters/RAF Woodbridge, 1966-69, 81st TFW, Motor pool Division. I would like to hear from anyone stationed there at this time. Loved to hear from you guys.. 12/25/03
  • Nathan T 'Elmo' Edwards: Sacramento, CA. RAF Bentwaters/RAF Woodbridge, May 1973-May 1975 and RAF Mildenhall 1979-82. 5/25/00. Bubble chaser FMS Hyd Shop. Worked with Big Shoe, Little Shu, Walter Jung aka Spoon, James Silas, Micky Mansor and a bunch more. Also worked in the Barracks Bar with Leon Rice. If any one knows a location for any of these people contact me. 12/30/04 Stone Mountain GA. 81st FMS. Have been looking at the site a long time. And I found some old friends. Have not signed the guest book in a long time. 05/22/09
  • Robert "Fast Eddie" Edwards Woodstock, GA. RAF Bentwaters, Jun 1977-May 1980, 81 Security Police Sq/Woodbridge. This is a great network for to search and reconnect with old friends and associate you met and be-friended during your tour(s) in lovely England. 10/20/09
  • Carl Edwardson: RAF Bentwaters, 1963-67. My father Joe Nutter and uncle Carl Edwardson were both stationed there. They married local sisters from Kesgrave, Valerie and Penny Wright. I have had the good fortune of visiting the East Anglia area and love it's beauty. Unfortunately, I was born after my parents left England and I have never had the chance to visit the base. I've heard some great stories over the years from my father. If anyone recognizes my fathers name, and wants to get in touch with him, please contact me Samantha Blairand I will pass on the message directly. 02/09/04
  • Todd Egger: Selinsgove, PA. RAF Woodbridge, Apr 1983-Apr 1985. 81CES/RAF Woodbidge FD. Does anyone remember Axess? I played drums in that band with Scott Walker, Mike Sharpe, and Jose Rivera. I would like to find my roomate John Halpin, Nash Cervantes, anyone from the Axess crew, or hear from anyone else who worked at the RAF Woodbridge FD from 1983-85. 8/17/02
  • Margaret Carrol Eichelberger & Gary B Eichelberger: RAF Bentwaters, 1955-58. Lived up Chantry Estate, Ipswich. Played baseball for RAF Bentwaters those years. Our pals that we ran around with were Ginger and Al Lambert, Sue and Bob Hoover,Don Sellars, Kyle Morgan, Renee and Lew McMahon, Bruce Edwards, to name a few Americans that we were stationed with. Let me hear from you. 8/15/99
  • Ken Eister: Rockville, MD. (Sgt) RAF Bentwaters, 1968-,71, 2164 Comm Sqd, Base Communications Center. Thanks Jim for bringing me to your site. Wife Jean and I lived in Chantry Estates, Ipswich. She was a substitute teacher at the base elementary school and bowled at the Ipswich alley. Rememberances.1/24/99
  • A1C Bill Eldreth: 3355 Ridgerun Dr.,NE, Roanoke, VA 24012. RAF Burderop, 1964-65, RAF Lakenheath 1965-67, 493rd TFS, Head Orderly Room Clerk. All of my tour in England was outstanding. My commanding officers, Major William G Hartling and Col Carl L Brunson were great Officers. My Orderly Room Officer in Charge Lt Donald L. Hutchinson was outstanding. He let me go with him several times in the F-100 target practicing in North Africa which I throughly enjoyed. 03/20/10
  • Robert J. Eliason, CMSgt(ret): RAF Bentwaters, 1951-55. 81st Fighter Wing, Hq & Hq Sq. Budget & Fiscal, later Accounting & Finance. Married the former Joan Taber of 236 Clapgate Lane Ipswich. Many fun times at the Duke of Gloucester pub. Would like to get in contact with Dwayne Ford. Retired in 1978. Please contact me through my son Mark. 11/24/00
  • Raymond K Eller HAYS, NC, 28635. RAF Bentwaters, 1957-59, 92nd TFS. I ran up this information and have enjoyed all of the info that I read and found some interesting stuff. Keep this going. 06/27/09
  • David K Ellington: Georgia, RAF Bentwaters, Feb 1964-Sep 1967, 81st FMS, ARR shop. I married a Woodbridge girl in May 1967 & 47 years later we are still happily married. Some of the guys I new or worked with are Mike Little, Dave Bowser, Gary Aho, Fulton Ainge, Leonard Fyhrie, Larry Hamilton, Nick Bellizie, Reheinard Bauer, Ken Buffington, SSgt Albert L Bowen, SSgt James Driskoll. 06/28/14
  • Wayne Ellifritz: Hockessin, Delaware. RAF Bentwaters, Mar 1983-Mar 1985, 81st SUPS. Wow! Talk about bringing back some memories! Had a blast my 2 years there, but that was long enough. Now married with 4 children. Would love to hear from anybody in Supply my time there, especially Rip, Sulk, Billy J, Jon D, Michelle H, Fly, or Boy Floyd. Drop me a line! 2/27/02
  • Fred C Elliott: 12200 Oakhaven Drive, Charlotte, NC 28273. RAF Woodbridge, 1958-59, Provost Sgt. Great Site. Major Sherwood F Lapping was Provost Marshal. I moved there from RAF Wethersfield in 1958 and married an English girl from Goodmayes, Essex. We came to Lackland AFB, TX in 1959. I retired in 1970. I went back to see the old base in 1989 and couldn't believe all the changes. PC Dolling was a friend there and has visited me in NC several times. It was very nice seeing the old pictures from the era I was there. 1/14/01
  • Stanley Elsenmenger F1C: Louisville, KY. 1944-46. 6/27/04
  • James Elsener: I am trying to trace my birth father. The story I have from my Mother is, they met and fell in love and wanted to get married, but as she already had two children, she was deemed unsuitable and my father James Elsener was ordered back to the States. As my Mother was expecting by this time, they ran away and James was caught and sent to Fort Worth prison and discharged. Mother by now was expecting me and with no one to support her I was given up for adoption. I traced by birth Mother a few years ago, but of James, there has been no trace. The locator did not want to know because of the discharge. I have emailed lots of people on your web site hopint to find anyone who knew him. Someone must! Please help, time is running out. James was at RAF Lakenheath or RAF Bentwaters in 1951-53 as my sister was born Beb 1953 and I was born Jan 1954. Submitted by Sue Knowles. 2/19/01
  • Bonie Ely: Valdosta, GA. RAF Woodbridge. I'm just that brat. I graduated from Woodbridge High School in 1988. Was just browsing through Woodbridge sites when I came upon your site and wanted to say Hi! 4/9/01
  • Phil Ely: Weapons (Warthogs?) 1985-88. I was just wondering if anyone happens to remember my father. He's retired now but in England he was Tsgt Ely (or Fly, as a lot of guys called him). 6/2/99
  • Richard Elwood:St. Paul, Minnesota. 2164th Comm Sq, RAF Bentwaters, RAPCON (F-4 era), 1969-72, Air Traffic Control Officer. Met British wife Margaret, married in Ipswich, Jan,1972. Went on to USAFE HQ in Wiesbaden and left AF in 1974. Earned PhD in clinical psychology at University of Washington. Stayed in AF Reserve/ANG and retired Lt Col 1996. Civilian psychologist 1999-2004 at 48th Med Gp, RAF Lakenheath. Margaret and I are still together 41 years later and live in Madison WI. 8/28/00 16/12/06 14/04/13
  • Kim Emery: Florida. RAF Woodbridge, Jan 1971-Jul 1973. Hi! I'm looking for classmates for Woodbridge JHS from 1971-73. I graduated in 1976. 5/16/01
  • SSgt W Endsley: RAF Sculthorpe, 1972. I have no idea if you can help me, but I am trying to locate Sgt Endsley. Thanks for any help you may give, contact Justin Ford. 1/31/03
  • Rick England: Texas City, TX. RAF Woodbridge, Dec 1977-Dec 1979, 81st SPS, 'B' Flight. Had a great time with the friends I worked and partied with. Am getting a reunion together in April or May 2004 in San Antonio for 'B' Flight, RAF Woodbridge. Any 'B' Flighters out there that I haven't contacted, contact me ASAP. 9/09/03
  • Tom Enter: RAF Wattisham. Air Traffic Controller. Now a Chiropractor.
  • Earnest L Epler: Wichita, KS. RAF Bentwaters/RAF Woodbridge first 1973-1975 then 1981-1984. I really enjoyed England. 1/3/00
  • Jerry L Epley: St Cloud, FL. RAF Bentwaters, Feb 1963-May 1965, 81st Air Police Sq. I enjoyed my tour of England and my time at Bentwaters. Anyone wishing to contact me, do so. 9/01/03 Met a lot of nice people and made some good friends in England. If the Colonels daughter, P K T McGlynn, reads this, please contact me. 10/03/03
  • Frank Ercolino: Greencastle,PA. RAF Woodbidge, May 1956-Apr 1959, 20th TAC Hospital. I worked at the base medical unit. Loved the tour in the UK. Anxious to connect with old friends. 7/30/01
  • Mike Erickson: Tucson, AZ. RAF Woodbridge, Oct 1988-May 1992, 667 CAMS/667 SOMS. RAF Woodbridge was my first duty station out of technical school. I was assigned as a crew chief on the HC-130 aircraft and deployed to Operation Desert Shield/Storm in January 1991. 16/12/06
  • Paul Randy Erickson: RAF Woodbridge, 1969-72, 78th MMS TFS. RAF Bentwaters 1987-91, 81st MMS. TFS. Lots of tdy's Sardinia, Aviano, Spain and Turkey. Like to get in touch with old buddies from that time. Names I remember: Kenneth McGee (Mac) last I heard from him was 1980 while I was stationed in Holland and he was a civillian living in California. 'Mac' if your out there get in touch would love to hear from you or if anyone knows of him send me an e-mail. Also, Red Dog, Louie, Lloyd Geig, Charlie Santiago, Gomarac, Greget that come to mind. My wife, Cyndi (nee Cynthia Ness), is from Ipswich. We married in 1972. If anyone remembers me, drop a line. We go back to England once a year. Keep up on the changes. 10/3/99
  • Bob Esper 'Fizzle': Cleveland, Ohio. RAF Bentwaters, Oct 1974-Jul 2, 1976, 81st MMS. Would love to hear from others. 12/30/00 - After reading all of the entries, I see that I am not alone in having fond memories of RAF Bentwaters. Which is amazing, considering I spent the majority of my time drunk, stoned, or working on one of those conditions, hence my nickname "Fizzlebrain". I would love to hear from some of the folks that I was stationed with: Tom Gagnon, my first room-mate in England; Brad Glover, taught me how to "hash" it out with a Buck Knife; Steve Meador the boy was always high; Leroy Starr an Oklahoma Legend; Cliff Stoudt "what beez the deal"; and any of the other boys that remember the Great Barracks Massacree on Thanksgiving Eve, 1975. Sorry, Major Garcia, but we did love to party. 12/29/01 I was contacted by my roomate, Tom Gagnon, who saw my name on the board. Still looking for the rest of the Stable Club regulars. Also, where in the world is Frank Chisum? And did Josie (Dash-60) and Ann (Hawkeye) end up marrying airmen? Bob's other email 5/24/02
  • Alan Essex: Woodstock, Georgia. RAF Bentwaters, Dec 1971-Dec 1975, 92nd TFS, F-4 Instructor Weapons Systems Officer (Captain then). Thanks for the great site. In 1976 married Charmaine Barron of Great Yarmouth. Work at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co, Marietta 4/19/00
  • Harold 'Harry' Etheridge: Macon, Georgia. RAF Bentwaters, Jan 1968-Jun 1971, 92 TFS(Weapons Mechanic), Bomb Loader on F-4. Saxmundum Pub, upstairs dancefloor, dancing the Funky Chicken. Looking for anyone from 92nd stationed at RAF Bentwaters 1968-71. 5/5/01
  • Tim Etherington: Edwards AFB, CA. RAF Bentwaters, May 1983-May 1989, 81st CRS. I must have loved it there, I stayed a long time! Lived in the barraks till I got married, then we lived in Woodbridge town in the Bridewell, 93 New Street. We used to frequent The Mariner's Arms and the Wine Bar on the Thoroughfare (when they had Dixieland Jazz). Then we moved to Bury Hill and then on base. I was sound man for my friend's band "Axess". We played at the NCO Club once or twice and at the Rod and Gun club a few times. The BX had just been rebuilt when I left. We got to stay in the brand new TLF 'with cable'! (Hey, it was a big deal back then!) Man, I sure miss RAF Bentwaters, Woody Town, Felixstowe, Snape Maltings and Orford. We need to come back for a visit, its been 12 years! Thanks for the webpage. 6/10/01
  • Aaron Etzkin: Hammond, Louisiana. RAF Bentwaters and RAF Woodbridge, Jun 1978-Jun 1981, 2164th Comm Sq. Air Traffic Controller. Worked at RAF Bentwaters RAPCON, RAF Woodbridge Tower and GCA. 22/03/07
  • SSgt. Marvin L. Evans: RAF Woodbridge, 1970-73, 67th ARRS, Propellor Repairman, C-130's. 7/23/99
  • Pete Evans: Saxmundham/BSE. RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge. I visit the old bases regularly for job training....its really sad to see them just mothballed,but hopefully RAF Bentwaters will soon be developed..... Did anybody Know a Capt Pete Woodberry, A10 pilot? 2/28/99
  • Michelle Everett: Dallas, Texas. RAF Bentwaters, 1990-91. The friends I made while I was there were special, and the memories are invaluable. I was married to Jerry Everett, but my name has now changed to Michelle Berta. I would really like to get in touch with some of the people we hung around with: Ty and Lisa Reed, Mike and Felicia Geho, John and Aggie Jiminez, and Walter and Karen Kissamore. If you know how I can get in touch with any of these people, please let me know 7/25/00
  • Senior Airman Fred Ezzell: Chiefland, FL. RAF Bentwaters, Sep 1985-Jul 1989, 81st Transportation SQ/Driver. Would like to get in touch with civilian friends from Leiston. Sarah Messenger and family. Her Mum is Yvonne (Messenger) Barker. 11/08/04