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  • Alex Inman: Jackson, TN. RAF Bentwaters, 1960-64, HQSQDN. I was at RAF Bentwaters first in 1960, Base Housing Office, and joined the Club Management Team. Managed Airmans Club at RAF Bentwaters for one year with Chappy James running in to help when we had problems. Went to RAF Woodbridge and managed the NCO and Airmans Club for about two years. Was there when JF Kennedy was killed. Would love to here from any one that remembers. 8/04/03
  • Ronnie P Inmon: Schertz, TX (near San Antonio). RAF Bentwaters, Jan 1964-Jan 1967, 92nd Tactical Fighter Sq. Crew Chief that worked on 2nd F4C's to arrive at RAF Bentwaters. Married English girl at Bramfield, Nr Halesworth, September 1965. 08/21/06
  • Rick Innes: St Louis, MO. RAF Bentwaters, Feb 1984-Feb 1986. I can't believe it's ben 14 years since my 2 years at RAF Bentwaters. So many nice memories, first love, first time drunk and so much more. A great 2 years. I'm going to be in England in March 2001 for 3 weeks, what is RAF Bentwaters now? I'm trying to figure out if it would be worth my time to stop by and check it out?12/04/00
  • SMSgt Jay Irish (Ret): Fort Worth, TX. RAF Woodbridge/Weathersfield, 1955-59. English Wife.
  • Pat Irwin: RAF Woodbridge, 1979-82. I belive that 'Big Bad Bitchin', Bob Herron was the best Flight Line Manager I ever worked for. PS. East End Charlie Lives. 6/20/00
  • Rebecca (Camper) Ivey Richmond, VA. RAF Woodbridge, 70's/early 80's, 81st CES, Fire Dept. My dad did two tours in England. My parents are Michael W Camper & Sandy Camper. My family talks frequently about Ipswich, RAF Woodbridge & RAF Bentwaters,especially the older we get. Our most treasured memories are of our time there with all of our British and American friends. My dad calls me a bloke & a yankee). That never gets old. 10/19/08