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  • John Oakford: I found your web site very interesting indeed! My wife Anne Oakford (formally Powell) worked in the Service Club at RAF Woodbridge/Bentwaters in the late 1950's. She has been trying to contact former Master Sergeant Al Parent and his wife Eleanor for some time now, with no success. Is it possible to place this letter on your web site with with this e-mail. 12/13/00 Both Al and Eleanor Parent are deceased, and so is their adopted son Louis. However, I am helping look for the mother/father of the other UK child adopted by the Parents...Submitted by Steve Krulin. 8/21/01
  • Leo J. Oaks Jr: RAF Bentwaters. Great site, I arrived at RAF Bentwaters in August, 1951 from Larson AFB.I was all of 17 years old, had the time of my life for those 3 years. I worked as a clerk in the engineering office (AIO). I am now an Art Dealer, 19th & early 20th century works,& still having a great time. 7/8/99
  • Mark Oaks: Milton, FL. RAF Bentwaters, Apr 1973-Jan 1977, 81 TFW, Crew Chief (43171C). I retired in 1990 as MSGT. I am currently the pastor at a local church. 22/03/07
  • Dave Oberle Illinois. Love the page. RAF Bentwaters, 1990-1992, 81st Supply Sq, Fuels Flight. This page brings back memories. Some of the best times of my life were spent there!!! It's to bad the place has to waste away like it is. One good thing, the 81st TFW lives on today as the 81st Training Wing at Keesler AFB, MS. Keep up the page, It's Great!!!
  • Joe Ochoa Sgt: Near El Paso, TX. RAF Woodbridge 1987-90, 581st AGS, 91st AMU "Bluestreaks" A-10A Crew Chief. Seeing this site sure brings back alot of great memories from being stationed there at Woody Base. Thanks for being here! 4/15/00
  • Robert (Bob) & Veronica O'Connor Western Australia. RAF Bentwaters, 81st Air Police Sq, late 1959-late 1963, with a short TDY in Tripoli, pre Ghadafi.Great site! I've only just found it! What memories it brought back. Black and white TV, Nissan huts, rain, alerts, ancient firearms, air crashes, USO dances, Airmens Club, etc. I still have some photos which I must resurrect. People I remember, S/Sgt Milton Freeman, Jimmie K Moore, Joe Gordon, Glen Reinemar, Ron Tabor, and Frank Walls. Presently a retired gentleman of leisure in Western Australia where Veronica, my wife for 38 years, formerly from RAF Bawdsey, and and three children have been in residence for the past 31 years. Our eldest son Kevin was born on the base hospital, then a collection of nissen huts, in 1963, delivered by a Capt William T Orr. Any and all correspondence welcome and replied to. Thanks again for the memories. 3/30/00
  • Jay A O'Dea: Ipswich, Suffolk England. RAF Bentwaters, I was first in 81SPS, Oct64-Apr67, then 81FMS, Apr67-May68. Went to work for AAFES part time Apr 1968, full time Jun 1968. I worked in the Service Station at RAF Bentwaters 1968-74. Came back to RAF Bentwaters 1984 as Four Seasons Manager, and the story goes on. 3/30/01
  • James O'Driscoll: Bedfordshire, England. RAF Alconbury , 1961-62, 10th Transportatiom Sq. I am searching for my Father, Roger Quite? who was in the Motorpool back in the Fall of '61. Thank you for an excellent Page! 3/24/01
  • Ken Ogden: I notice in your intro that you say that the airfield was known as 'Butley Airfield' until 1951 when the American Air Force arrived. Not so! I was in the RAF stationed at RAF Bentwaters as part of the final RAF presence there from 1949 until closure and hand-over. It was certainly known to us as RAF Bentwaters and I still have some of my service documents with the Bentwaters name printed on them. Enjoyed my service life there. I'm sure you did too. Cheers. 10/18/00
  • Denis O'Keefe: Alberta, Canada. RAF Station Wattisham, Early 1940's. Greetings, With your reference to 'Twin Bases', I have to assume that you are talking about RAF Station Woodbridge and RAF Station Bentwaters. "We of the RAF" called our places of work 'Stations'. Hence my stay at RAF Station Wattisham in the very early 1940's while very "hairy", as I have mentioned elsewhere, may not be quite what you were seeking. Maybe I am wrong but I have to assume that none of my buddies, some of whom never made it, will be among those included in your lists. Have to look up Sierra Vista, I somehow think it isn't too near my winter hideout at Yuma East. With regards. Denis from Alberta. 9/19/99
  • Richard O'Keefe A1C: Watertown, WI 53094. RAF Bentwaters, Jul 1963-May 1964. 2164th Comm Sq, Radio MTCE shop. 9/01/02
  • Russell Okerlund: RAF Bentwaters, 1975-77 Airman, AMMO "Bombloader" Would like to find others there at the same time. 2/24/99
  • David J Oles, JrDependent. New York. RAF Bentwaters, 1961-Jul 1963, SAC Fireman. My dad was a career military fireman. Retired in 1968 after 23 years in Oscota AFB Michigan. Retired from GE after 10 years and owned/operated his own carnival business until his death late 2006 at 78. He had fond memories of England (1st tour 1952-1954 Cirencestor). Interested in hearing from anyone who may have known my Dad. My Dad is buried in Saratoga National Cemetery in NY. 05/23/08
  • Bill Oliver: Writing to you from Bangkok, Thailand. The things you can find surfing around the web! RAF Woodbridge, 81st A&E Sq, 1962-1965, flight line fixing Voodoo radar/bombing systems. Later went on the mock up in shop repair of tracking antennas and other black boxes for the all vacuum tube system. Will always love the F-101A and F101C, TDY in Libya, and Jack Daniels with coke for $.25 a glass at the Airmans Club. Nice web site for a rather obscure bunch of people. 1/3/00
  • Dan Oliver: St. Louis, MO. RAF Bentwaters, 1987-90, AGE. Would like to hear from any of the old gang. 9/10/00
  • A1C Jon C Oliver: Hanford, CA. RAF Bentwaters, Dec 1962-Dec 1965, 81st Air Police. First year and a half I was L/E, then Security last year and a half. I found out about this site from Walter E. Smith who was L/E and Security about the same time. Wally lives in Ipswich, UK. 11/12/00
  • Lisa Oliver: North Wales, Great Britain. RAF Woodbridge, 1978-80, Dad, George Oliver worked 81st Supply. I attended Woodbridge High School from 1978 till I Graduated in 1980, I have fond memories of my years in High School, I then moved to Felixstowe after graduating, I now live in North Wales, but visit Felixstowe on a regular basis as my Brother lives there with wife and step-son (Trimley-st-Martin, near Ipswich). Anyone who remembers us please do not hesitate to contact me. Would be great to hear from friends from time spent at RAF Woddbridge. 08/30/10
  • Kevin Olley: Chattanooga,TN. RAF Upper Heyford, 1983-86, 20th TFW, 55 AGS. I was DCC of aircraft 68-056 in the Blue section on the base. Later became wing maintance instructor for the E and RF models. 5/28/03
  • Aaron 'Fast Eddie' Olmstead: Boise, Idaho. RAF Woodbridge, Dec 1988-Jan 1990, 81st EMS, Munitions Storage Area, Line Delivery 'AMMO". Loved everyone, loved England, (Especially Orford Castle Area) and have nothing but great memories. 4/20/02
  • Ben OmpadDependent. Maryland. RAF Bentwaters, Dec 1968-71, 91st TFS. Was in Life Support with Glenn White, Bob Wiley, Schindler, Clarance Cowen. Retired after 24 yrs. RAF Bentwaters was one of my best tours. 05/23/08
  • Jack E O'Neal, Maj, USAF Ret: Louisiana. RAF Sheppards Grove, mid 1950's, fighter pilot, retired in 1970. Terri Way Deer Park, TX. I was born in Cambridgeshire, UK while we were stationed there in 1956. I was just wondering if you had any info about my Father, Jack O'Neil, on your site. 9/22/02
  • Frederick Olson: Wisconsin. RAF Bentwaters 1966-67, RAF Lakenheath, 1967-69, 381st & 348th Munitions Sq. I was there and will always remember it. Some of the best years of my life. I met and married a great girl from Ipswich. We have now been married 32 years and have 3 sons and 5 grand kids. Best thing I ever did was get posted to England. We go back every once in a while. My wife, Pamela Croasdale, went to Christchurch School, Ipswich. Would love to hear from old school friends. I have been looking for old friends. I loved it over there. 1/12/01
  • Lt Col William Harold Olson. USAF, RAF Bentwaters, Died as a result of an air incident On November 18, 1980. He was thirty-eight years old. Information needed by Tony Magee. Further information may be found at Go to Col Olson 4/1/02
  • Larry W Orazem Oklahoma. RAF Bentwaters 1966-69, 91st TFS. I just recently joined the Internet. I have really enjoyed your site. It brought back a lot of fond memories. Just thought I would leave my name and see if anyone remembers it. Especially would like contact with Charles Levine, and Donald White who had to leave service because of fathers death. Thank you for the opportunity to leave this message on your web site. Keep up the good work.
  • James A Osborne (E-4) RAF Woodbridge, 78th, Crew Chief, F-4, 1967-1971. Known as 'Ozzie'.10/23/98
  • Dave Osterberg:Lexington MA. RAF Woodbridge, 19 81-84 & 1988-91. 05/12/12
  • Major Frank Bernard Osteen: RAF Bentwaters, 91st TFS Flight Surgeon, 1968-1972, After 32 years, I just created a scrapbook of the 91st TFS, 1968-1972, for the 81st Fighter Wing Association, whose group is having a reunion at Fort Walton Beach, October 23-26, 2002. It is dedicated to my office-partner, Major Phil Donley, 92nd TFS Flight Surgeon, and Captain Barry Rapalas, 92nd TFS pilot, killed on 18 January 1971, Furstenfeldbruck, GE. Shortly after the Gulf War, I attended a 33rd TFW reunion and a 27th TFS/1st TFW reunion. Although there were scrapbooks, they were the same ones present when I was there as the squadron doc. So, the actual scrapbook was made for the 81st FWA and digitized on CD for other interested parties. RAF Bentwaters was a great assignment 10/20/02
  • Walter F (Scoop) O'Toole RAF Bentwaters 1956-59. News reporter on base newspaper (Thunderstruck) for the F-86's. Worked for Captain John Q. Erickson, Public Relations Office, near old infirmary, then near Wing Hqrs at the flagpole. Walt's son lived in Kirton, near Felixstowe for 10 years. Anyone remember Base Papers Name? (Centurion ?) Pilot that set world speed record in F-101 at Bentwaters? German Stien with 81st Insignia and three squadrons (70 produced?)?Hi Everybody from RAF Bentwaters. I am back on line again, after RVing for several years.
  • Wayne Overholt: Warner Robins, Ga. RAF Bentwaters, Jan 1978-Sep 1984 & Oct 1986-Dec 1991, 81st FMS and 81st MXS. Retired October 1997. A lot of people from RAF Bentwaters end up here in Georgia. 07/16/06
  • Eligah Overlease: Lakewood, WA. RAF Bentwaters, 1959-62, 81st Airbase Sqdn, A1C, Supply Section. Also part time at the Bowling Alley and Base Theater. Met my wife while stationed there. Will be retiring next year. Have two grown children and two grandsons. (new 11/28/02) Enjoyed my tour at Bentwaters. Wish I could do over again. 1/24/99
  • A2C Albert F Owens Jr, AF 16815561: RAF Bentwaters 1965-66, 2164 Comm SQ. I am looking for anyone who might remember me. I have been trying to get VA benifits for a condition I developed while stationed there. I worked in the teletype repair shop & the Comm. Center. I came back to the US & sponsored and married a lady from Ipswich.I rember an A1C Sleeper and a Col Johnson. I was released from the service with a honorable discharge under some AFR 39-16 regulation which I don't understand. Were there any other hospitals except for the one at RAF Woodbridge? I know I had tests run ,but the records don't show this. I remember the Haddock fish & chips in newspaper for two shillings six pence. The Chppalottas etc. I really enjoyed England. Please respond! 10/1/99
  • Wesley Oxner: Arkansas. RAF Bentwaters, 1958-62. 81st Supply. Married an Ipswich girl. Stationed at RAF Upper Heyford 1972-79. Wife and I visit England every year. 9/10/99