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  • Steven Ulrich: California. RAF Bentwaters, Oct 1973-Oct 1975, 81st MMS. I would like to talk to anyone else from the 81st MMS, same time period. I was single, lived off base in Ipswich, but had to keep a room in the barracks. 9/15/02
  • Unknown Name Cabot, Arkansas. RAF Bentwaters, Jul 1990–Jul 1992, 81st Equipment Maint Sq, sheetmetal shop. MSgt Ken AnkromDave Phillips was assistant shop chief. Worked with Bryan Beattie (still trying to find him), Jeff Martin, Jeff Deazelle, Dave Hardy, Rich Legassie, Doug Beales, Rod Winston, Monty Moore, Doc Hunter, Warren Fandry, Mark Bounds, many more. What a wild ride that tour was! Didn't realize how great that place was until I was long gone. 04/9/10
  • Bill Upson Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK. RAF Bentwaters, 1988-93, PSA. I was Housing Liason Officer and met many nice Americans whilst at work there. I would be pleased to speak to any old friends that may remember me. 7/10/01