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  • Edward & Laurie Vahovick: Port Huron, Michigan. RAF Bentwaters, Sep 1970-Sep 1973 & Dec 1980-Dec 1983, 2164 Comm Sq and 2130 Comm Sq. Assigned to Martlesham Heath Comm site. Retired from USAF since Aug 1990. A freind of mine from England e-mailed me this site yesterday. Ed is retired from the Air Force. Our oldest was born in England. We enjoyed looking at the site and pictures. We did not know it closed. I am looking for some friends we had when we were at RAF Bentwaters. How do I go about looking for them. Adele and Steve Christoph. He was in Security Police. After we left England I got a few letters from them, but lost contact. Does their last name sound familier? Would like to hear from anyone I knew back then, or anyone who wants to talk about the old bases. 4/17/01
  • David A Vail: St Louis, MO. RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge, Dec 1968-Sep 1971, 2164th Comm Sq. Worked Air Traffic Control at both bases. 3/30/01
  • LaTesha Velez NC. RAF Bentwaters, 1991-93. I'm trying to find Robb Brown. He went by Rick and worked at the community center. If anyone knows him or knows of him, please write me. 01/17/08
  • Marc Vaillancourt: Fall River,MA.02721. RAF Bentwaters, 81st AGS, 4 years. 3/27/03
  • Kathryn Mayhew Valente: Maryland. RAF bentwaters, 1990-93, I have been living in Maryland for the past seven years. I was raised in Ipswich attended St.Helens Primary School and then on to St. Alban's Roman Catholic School. I am looking for friends that may remember me. I also worked in Security at the NCO. 3/24/01
  • Airman Charles (Chuck) F VanAlen: 2923 Quail Oak St, San Antonio, TX 78232-1818, 210.344.7421 San. If you knew him, you would not forget him. Terrific draftsman. Married London girl, had a couple of poodles, no children. AMWAY is his occupation.Another email for Chuck
  • Eddy van Driel Barendrecht, Holland. I'am a writer and I own a free service to find missing airman or to send pictures from their last resting places. See: http://majorsnowdon.atspace.com/contact.html. This is in honour of the crews who gave their lives for our freedom. If you want to know more about your lost family members and fellow citizens last resting place in Holland please contact me. 05/22/09
  • Paul VanHorn (Sgt): Lake Ariel PA. RAF Bentwaters, Dec 1979-Dec 1981, 81st SPS, 8st TFW. I just happened to be looking for info on Bentwaters/Woodbridge. I'd love to get in on the fun and possibly find an old friend or two. 3/3/01
  • Albert "Van" Van Hoven: Syracuse NY. RAF Woodbridge, Feb 1968-Jan 1971, D Flight Security. You had to tap your fingers lightly on the door to Room 44 where Murph and I bunked, or no entry was allowed. The names I remember are Boop, Geek, Natoli, Amstuz (Rock), Tiller, Black, Tapia, Streeter, Leoni, Hendrix, Maclurken, Rowe, Bennett, JB Brown, TA Brown, Wately, Cass, June. And who can forget TSgt Knuckles (d***, I hope). If any of this sounds vaguely familiar, drop me an e-mail. Most people knew me as Van. 12/10/03
  • Lynn aka 'Rip' Van Winkle: Menifee, Riverside County, CA. RAF Weathersfield, 1966-69. Looking for info on and found this Web Site. Hopefully some of my old buddies from the 20th Security Police will drop by and take a look like myself, and see my name listed. Guys like Jesse Martinez, Smiley Martin, Ralph 'Biggie Rat', Lucas, Ron Fields, etc. 4/19/00
  • Lindy 'Cookie' Vaughn: South East Missouri. RAF Bentwaters, 1980-82, 81st Supply. Looking for any of the old friends! Willie, John and Yogi and tons more, email me. 03/25/06
  • Michael Vaughn: Newport News, VA. RAF Bentwaters, Aug 1991-Aug 1993, 92 AMU, Avionics Specialist. My wife, Rejane, was in the 510th as a Com Nav troop. Cross trained when I left into Intelligence. Now retired and working as a contractor at Langley AFB. Would give anything to someday move back to England. 3/27/03
  • Travis Velder: Lincoln, NE. K-9, 1989 until we closed the section. Wondering if the kennels were torn down or not. Hope everyone is doing great. 6/14/00
  • Dave Verdi: Indiana. RAF Bentwaters, 1967-69, Hospital. Anyone who can remember me feel free to email me. Looking for old buddies who were in England and France in the 60's. Bob Pelletier was a friend of mine at RAF Woodbridge, Hospital Supply. I haven't heard from him since I left in Jan 1969. 09/18/07
  • John Vest: Kentucky. RAF Bentwaters/RAF Woodbridge, 1984-87, 81st EMS AGE. Found this sight and looked, searched, tried to remember names. Now realize that we were all one big family. Had at least one tear in our eyes when we discovered that the base is closed and a ghost town. Would love to go back to visit. Wondered if we could have enjoyed more or made more of our time there. Put our heart and souls into something and never really realized it. May we all meet again. Continued in Memories. 7/29/99 Great work! Some of the best times of my life. Still remember that the Class 6 stores closed at 1200 on Saturday and rembember the sad, sad day the RAF Woodbridge base ran out of Budwiser on the Fourth of July weekend. 12/19/99
  • Mark Vetzel: My dad is CMSgt Carroll Vetzel. Great job on this board Jim. Always nice to touch base with the past. Born at RAF Bentwaters Jan 1964. Dad has been retired from the USAF since 1981, currently lives in Melbourne, Florida. He was stationed at RAF Bentwaters, AGE, on 3 occasions. Lived in Aldeburgh, my mothers home town. Go back regularly to visit relatives. While the base has certainly changed, Aldeburgh has not. Same pubs (White Hart, Cross Keys and The Victoria), fishing boats and shingle beach. I went to Woodbridge American High School. 1976-77. Have seen lot's of names of dependents I knew on this board. Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me or dad. PS..Seems your son (Mark Tansey) & I have something in common besides the first name. I was also born 1964 at RAF Bentwaters. 1/29/99
  • Joseph J Vialonga: or other e-mail Cape Cod, MA. RAF Bentwaters, Jan 1961-Jan 1964, 81st AP Sq. Baseball team 1962-63. 81st Tac Ftr Wg Air Police Names From 1961-1964.
  • SSgt Jim Vieira : Submitted by Frank Sibley. Have just found your website and think it is so interesting. I have lived in Ipswich all my life. I would go to RAF Bentwaters and sit by the road to watch the aircraft take off and land. My favorite was the F-4 Phantom. My sister married an airman, SSgt Jim Vieira, RAF Bentwaters late 1960's and moved to the USA. A very likeble person, sadly, Jim died in 1998, but my sister Sheila still lives in Dover, Delaware and works at Dover AFB. I and my wife have been over 3 times to visit and will be coming over again on November 11, 2000. 9/10/00
  • SMSgt Ralph Vines: RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge, Twice stationed there and loved every moment of it. The first visit was from 1979-1981. Second from 1985-1991. My last duty title on the second visit was EMS Resource Superintendent. There was a Tsgt Jose Casablanca whom worked for me at that time. I've been trying to locate him for the last eight years. If you are out there email me. 6/10/01
  • Weston 'Bill' Vinson: Boynton Beach, FL. RAF Bentwaters, Aug 1959-Aug 1962, 7519th Comm Sq. I started out living in the ancient Quonset huts in 1959 and moved into brand new dorms in about 1960 and returned home in August 1962. The Base Commander (or maybe the Wing Commander) was a Col Hickman, and I had a thing for his daughter. We played bridge together and I gave her rides home from school in Ipswich in my VW Beetle. Her parents were very nice people, but were not enamored with her dating a mere A1C, so they allowed us only one date. We went out to dinner in Ipswich followed by the theatre (not the cinema). We had a great time. I would love to catch up with her and see how her life turned out. I tried your website, but there were no Hickmans listed. I will keep checking. 04/9/10. , 7519 Comm.Sq. Trying to hook up with Bob Burrus or Brenda Hickman. Love to hear from you. 01/17/12
  • Al Veninga: Brooklyn, NY now Newberry, FL. RAF Woodbridge, Dec 1964-Dec 1967, 79th TFS, crew chief of 001. Room mates were Rich Davis and Bill Hensley. 6/13/04
  • Frank Vitale: San Antonio, Texas. RAF Bentwaters, 1974-1984, clinic. Wife Sylvia Hanlon. Retired from the USAF and operates Medical Consultant Service. Interested in contacting any of the ex-clinic people from that era. Sylvia was a long-standing Red Cross volunteer and Frank did most jobs as a med tech including running the Emergency Room. Also looking for British civilians who used to work in the clinic. Have some contact with only a few from that era (the ones that are still alive). Doctors Gillis and Tindall, Ned DeGroot, Pat Brennan, Ray Horrex, Steve Richardson...where are you? 7/17/00
  • Tony W Vitolo: Cleveland, OH. RAF Station Woodbridge, Nov 1956-Nov 1959. Crew Chief, F-100, aircraft #888, Supersabres. Would like to hear from anyone who was there around the same time. Thank you very much. 3/5/00. I married an English women who was from Birmingham but met her when she lived in Colchester and used to come to the Airmans Club. We were married here in the States. My wife's maiden name was Irene Buckley. Good friends that I went with Jose Nuanes, Tony Simmelle, Frank Ercollino, Todd Hill. Need help locating first three names. 3/19/00
  • Johnny Vogel: Tennessee. RAF Bentwaters, 1980-82, Munitions Inspection. 1/29/01
  • Edward S Vogler: Pittsburgh, PA. RAF Bentwaters, Dec 1961-Dec 1964, 81st AP Sq.
  • Hans Von Milla: Ramstein AB, Germany. RAF Bentwaters, 1982-83/RAF Molesworth 1998-2001. Worked in CBPO 1982-83; lived in Kelsale. RAF Bentwaters is where I was young for the last time. How the world has changed in 20 years. 11/08/04