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  • Benny Yanko: New Jersey. RAF RAF Woodbridge, 1974-78. 12/12/98 & 16/12/06
  • Douglas Yocum: Modesto,CA. RAF Bentwaters, 1977-79, C-Flight. Looking for old friends: Gary Schuman, Tracy Sharp, Roberto Zuniga, and Jeff Dellutio. If anyone has any info please email me. 11/23/03
  • Barbara Young: New York. RAF Bentwaters, Jul 1987-Sep 1993, worked at SATO. Hi, what a pleasure your website has been. Discovered it tonight and posted it in my "favorites" and have stayed up far too late exploring it. I have such happy memories of my time there. It was sad to be doing all the tickets for people leaving and to be there at the bitter end when hardly a soul was around. Keep up the good work. 1/25/02
  • Chris T Young: RAF Woodbridge, Apr 1982-Apr 1984, 81st CES, Base Fire Department. It seems like my entire class from tech school was assigned to either RAF Woodbridge or RAF Bentwaters. We were told there was a big drug raid of some type, and that a lot of the fire Department and security police got busted. I always wondered if the big change in personal had anything to do with the UFO investigation which took place in Rendlesham forest the year before? I was also one of the guitar players in a band called "The Void" while stationed there. We were lucky enough to win 1st place at the 83' base talent contest. The group consisted of myself, Bob Blouin, Dave Jackson and Melvin Byington. Saw a lot of great concerts off base almost every weekend. It was an excellent duty station aside from the rain, fog and black ice. How many of you remember the barber there at RAF Woodbridge, " Black Beard"? 3/30/03
  • Lorri Young: Ogden, Utah. RAF Bentwaters/RAF Woodbridge, 1961-64. Dependant of Capt John E Young. 9/15/02
  • Ray Young:
  • Stephen Young (Ret): Cleveland, OH. RAF Bentwaters, Sep 1965-May 1968, 81st Airpolice K9 Handler. Played football on Bentwaters Football team, 1967 USAFE Champions. I was a reserve center and guard. The quarterback was Jim Giest, had a runningback Eddie Saunders, a tackle named Curly. 12/16/11
  • Janice Yuodsnukis: College Station, TX . RAF Bentwaters, 1970-74 & RAF Alconbury, 1979-84. Would like to hear from anybody that was stationed there at that time. My son is Mark Yuodsnukis (Atherton) and my daughters Lisa Yuodsnukis. I am from Ipswich originally, and was married to Leslie Yuodsnukis. 9/16/01
  • Frank Zahar: I have been searching website after website for this name, Frank Zahar. He was a plane or engine mechanic. He told me many stories about RAF Bentwaters and the fun and joy that it brought him. If you can find any record or picure of him I would be most gracious. Please email me at [email protected]. 12/8/01
  • Eve C Zamora RAF Bentwaters/Woodbridge 1981-83, 81st SPS. I am interested in hearing from others that were stationed with me. 10/21/99
  • Jami Zeh: Las Vegas, NV. What a great site! My father was stationed at RAF Bentwaters, 1967-70 and we lived in Snape. I attended 6th grade at Bentwaters and 7th and 8th grade at Woodbridge. Without question, my years in England are some of my most favorite memories. I would love to hear from some of my classmates! 3/20/00
  • Larry Zeilmann: Ottawa, IL. RAF Bentwaters, 81st FMS Fuel Systems shop. Jan 1 76-Jan 5 78, for a total 2 years and five days.
  • Harland E Zell MSG, USAF (Ret) : St Louis, MO. RAF Bentwaters, Sep 1951-Sep 1954, 81st M&S Grp. I was one of the pioneers. The 81st TFW came out of Larson AFB, Moses Lake, WA, with F-86's in Aug 1951. All sailing on the USS General Rose to Southampton. We later had a sub-base, 7519th AB Sq, at RAF Shepherds Grove. I spent half of my tour there in charge of the Traffic Management Office. I'm an old timer, retired from the Air Force Jul 1970. Sure would like to hear from some of those old duffs of my vintage. I know of two, one living in Mo, and the other in Kansas. Also about anything as to what happened those years afterwards. My hope is to make a trip back to England someday, God willing. Cheers, all the best. Harland E Zell: I was one of the oldies stemming from Albuquerque to Moses Lake to England. At Albuquerque we were just a tenant and when we got the F-86's we went to Moses and when the Korean war broke we went to England. We were kind of the pioneers of RAF Bentwaters and it took awhile for the troops to settle down with the local folks. I wonder why the didn't kill us. It was a grand tour and loved the English people, especially the young ladies. 01/12/03
  • David ZemaitisIndianapolis, IN. RAF Bentwaters, 1987-92, 510th amu purple. Would like for anyone to contact me I do remember Jeani Charlton and looking for alice ann and kat both sheet metal techs with the 510 (z-man). 02/10/09
  • Alvin F Ziemba: Tampa, FL. RAF Bentwaters, Feb 1957-Feb 1959, 78th TFA. I'm posting this for my Dad, who passed away several years ago. Would like to hear from anyone who know him. Joanne Z Fineberg. 11/21/04
  • Richard Zilavec: Toronto, Canada. RAF Bentwaters. I was here! 7/11/02
  • Erv Zimmerman: New Baltimore, MI. RAF Bentwaters, Mar 1969-Aug 1972, 91st TFS, 381st MMS. 9/21/01 Checked back to see if there were any new-old acquaintences registered and let you know my new e-mail address. Would be great to hear from any of the folks I knew at RAF Bentwaters. 11/19/02 A few ex-load crew members from the late 60s and early 70s at RAF Bentwaters got together this summer (Aug 2003), had a few beers, swapped war stories & had a great time. Those attending were: Larry Bourke, Dean Burgstahler, John 'Stick' Hoover, Steve 'Rocky' Gunderson, Robert 'Pops' McPartland, Ron Novak, Lewis 'Roley' Poley, Gary Roberts, Jim Tiller, Ray 'Zig' Zigler, Carol 'Gene' Jeanneret, Richard Lawrence, Harry Nye, Paul Kuzinski & myself. We put together a list of names of everybody we could remember from 91st TFS, RAF Bentwaters. If you're interested in the list or photos from the reunion, go to: www.bentwaters.eezway.com/ . Let us know if you have any information on any of those persons listed. 9/21/03
  • Terry Zinn: Caldwell, TX. RAF Bentwaters, Dec 1979-Oct 1983, 81st SPS Also 81st CSG. I miss it all! Wish I could turn back time. 06/13/10
  • Rick Zube: San Diego, CA. RAF Bentwaters, 1981-83, 81st SPS/A Flt-3rd Element & Armorer. I would like to contact any friends from RAF Bentwaters. 12/18/04
  • John Zummo: Still in NJ. RAF Bentwaters, 1967-79, Martlesham Heath, Great Bromley. Took me 30 years to look up these sites. The memories are great. Dated Carol Pether from Colchester. Loved England. 5/28/03