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  • Find a 'Missing British or American Person' here(Military or Civilian). All Links are different and you may have to surf them to find 'white pages' and 'e-mail' searches. Also, they may have an advanced search that may be more useful. Look for Reverse Search on Address or Telephone Number. Remember, only one little clue may open up your search in finding a person. If you know of other links that may be of help in locating 'persons' please e-mail us with the link.
  • Useful information you should have on hand (if known): Full Name with Middle Name or Initial; Last Known Address; Last Known Telephone Number and/or E-Mail; Social Security and/or Military Service Number. Also Helpfull: Previous & Maiden Names, Spouse & Spouses Family Members, Brother(s), Sister(s), Aunt(s), Uncle(s), Grandparent(s), Son(s), Daughter(s). Granddaughter(s), Grandson(s), Cousin(s) and Old Friend(s).
  • GREAT LINKS... ***HELP*** with obtaining Information. Also go to ***DATELINE*** page for hints and links to finding people.
  • There are many People Finder sites that you MUST pay for the search. We DO NOT list these sites. Some of these sites do offer both free and pay information but may be helpful!
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    Finding Names...Telephone or E-mail (US)

  • Real White Pages - Bell South, Tel & EMail across the country & Canada. GREAT SITE...TRY 1ST.
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  • infospace people search
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  • Searchbug...many types of searches.
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  • Finding Names...Telephone or E-mail (UK)

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    Finding A Military Member or Dependent

  • Find a Military Policeman Here
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  • Sgt Mike...Marine Boot Camp but also lists members of other services.
  • Military.Com...Has personnel locator for names (look for links).
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  • Other Links

  • Enter a Name, Approx age, and see if it lists birthdate and hometown
  • NCHS...Addresses to write to obtain Vital US Records ie: Birth Certificates, etc
  • Cyndi's List - Phone Numbers, E-Mail Addresses, Mailing Addresses, Places, Etc. Many Countries. Probably the BEST site for links to finding people. ***A MUST GOTO.
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    union jack If you are in the UK (or have a contact there)and have access: try Channel 4 teletext, p171 Lost friends, p172 Service pals, p173 Associations, p174 Family tree. Instructions are on the first page of each, but basically you send in a postcard or fax with a 30 word message. Make sure you include email and phone or address in message. There is a waiting list, and messages are changed each Monday. Well worth a try. Good luck.

  • Duel US/Other Citizenship...Questions & Answers

  • Duel US/Other Citizenship
  • Duel US/Other Citizenship Questions & Answers

  • Finding Unclaimed Money/Property/Other

  • By State and By Name. Check yours and also check for a person you may be looking for?

  • Information To Help You Find People

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    Documents containing social security numbers,old addresses, last city of residence and date of birth include legal documents such as contracts, tax returns, marriage records, divorce papers, birth records, medical records, military records, property ownership, vehicle registration, traffic tickets, etc. Many of these type of documents can be found around your home, office, vehicle and safety deposit box. All legal documents are worth checking for information.
    Other things to look for around the house are old x-mas cards, letters, wedding announcements and any type of correspondence with the subject including old high school year books that have names and family information.
    Note: For those of you who were once married to the person, you can order old copies of joint tax returns from the federal and state tax agencies. Just call IRS or the State Tax Commission. You also have access to joint applications for credit, bank accounts and saving account applications and these almost always have both social security numbers listed. Just ask the credit agency or bank for a copy of your application. It should have the other spouse's social security number. Don't forget those divorce papers, many states require both parties to list their social security numbers.
    Also, military identification numbers issued after 1972 can be traced. If you were in the service with the subject, check you old orders for the subject's number.
    Information at the public library: Can't find anything around the house, try the city library. The city library is usually one of the best sources available for locating an old address. Most public libraries keep old phone directories and criss-cross directories (city census directories). These directories are indexed by year and most city libraries have volumes dating back many years. The old phone directory are best used for checking the subject's name spelling, middle initial and old address where the city census directory often contains unlisted phone numbers, names of spouse/children, occupation information and address information. Some criss-cross directories even list the ages and occupations. If the subject lived in your city, simply visit the public library and ask for old phone books and criss-cross census directories.
    Note: If your local library does not have old census directories, check with the Chamber of Commerce or Better Business Bureau. Most cities love to keep census records. At least one city department should have the older volumes. Also, searching old phone directories and city directories in distant cities is a bit more difficult but you can contact the public libraries by phone or mail. Most are willing to help.
    While at the library, you may have access to old newspaper archives. Many public libraries have these newspaper archives on micro film or computer. They are an excellent source of information. Check the local papers for old wedding announcements and divorces, as well as articles about the subject. Every time there is a birth, death or a marriage license issued, the local newspaper will publish the event. Most announcements tell all about the subject and his or her family listing addresses and ages.
    Public Records on file with the City
    It should be noted that some of the following sources will cooperate with you but some will not. The cooperation and release of information varies depending on the individual city and individual agency. However, the sources are worth a try because they are very valuable sources and some keep very old records as well as current ones. These records are your key to the three most desirable bits of information you need for successful searches. Try to locate as much as you can.
    Children School Records:
    An excellent source when they cooperate are schools. Schools usually have parents fill out certain forms before the student starts the school year. If the child is currently attending the school, the records will have updated addresses and new school locations. If the child attended the school in the past, the address and records may be old but possibly traceable.
    Some schools will cooperate with your request but some will not. However, one can always visit the school and view the graduating class photos displayed in the lobby or library. These photos go back over 30 years and have names. This is especially helpful to adopted people who may have knowledge where a brother or sister attended school. The photo can be viewed and an adopted name obtained. The name can then be traced in old directories for an address or the school may release the information since it is outdated. This also works for high schools and colleges. They have annual year books in the library that list a lot of personal information.
    The Water Company:
    The water company is an excellent source because they usually require a deposit when the service is established. This deposit is usually forwarded to the subject at the new location after the last bill is deducted from the deposit. The water company will usually keep the new address on file. Again, some water companies will cooperate and some will not but it's worth a phone call to find out.
    City Building Permits:
    If someone is building or adding to an existing building, this will be filed with the city. The document will often list an address and is usually available to the public. You never know what the person has done during their residence in a city. It pays to check all sources possible.
    Dog Permits:
    People who own pets are usually sometimes required to obtain permits. These permits are renewed each year and often list an address. Find the pet and you find an address. Again, they may or may not cooperate but it's worth a try.
    City Courts:
    Some cities still have city courts and these records contain a wealth of information such as driver license number, social security number and address. Court records are normally public records and can be accessed by request to the court clerk. These records are indexed by name. Copies are usually available for a dollar or two per page. Don't forget that a lot of people use a SSN for a driver license number. Find an old traffic ticket and you have found a very good number to trace. Again, requests may be done by phone or mail depending on the court rules. Telephone company information is the best source for the court listing in any city.
    Garbage Collection and Sewer Service:
    Cities that operate their own garbage pickup and sewer service maintain records of everyone who has service. Deposits are forwarded to new addresses and records are kept for several years. An excellent source when they cooperate.
    Power Companies and Cable Television:
    These private companies also keep records of everyone having service and they also forward deposits. Some will cooperate and some will not. It is worth a try.
    Public Records on file with the County
    Most people are not aware of the large amount of information about them that is a matter of public record filed in the County Court House. People are on record from the day they are born until the day they die. Contrary to popular belief, almost all records kept on an individual by the government are public record. Some states try to limit access to certain records but most records on file with the County can be obtained by simply requesting them or by filing a request under the state public record law in conjunction with the freedom of information act. The courts usually have public access already set up. You can view the index for a listing to find the file and have the clerk pull the file for further viewing. Many courts have the records on micro film or computer to make the task easier. The majority of records kept on someone can be found at the County Court House and these records usually have a current address or other valuable leads.
    Traffic Records and Small Claims Court Records:
    Almost everyone will sooner or later get a ticket and some will litigate a case in small claims court. If the city court does not have a record on file, check the small county courts in the area. The index will be in alphabetical order according to name. Remember, traffic tickets will have a full name, date of birth, physical description, address, tag number and driver license number.
    County Civil Court Records:
    These records involve most litigation between parties within the county. The court records include law suits, divorce, name change, adoption and many other types of litigation. It will also be indexed by name and the clerk will have the file available for viewing. Always check county civil court records for a listing. Many people are involved in litigation and the file will contain important asset data that can be traced. Don't forget to look for divorce records. These contain property settlement agreements and child custody agreements. Divorce records tell it all. People will tell the divorce court every thing and it is all recorded for anyone to see. Property settlement agreements will list vehicles, houses, boats, real estate, bank accounts, etc. You get the picture, almost everything in a divorce file. Also, child custody agreements contain valuable information about the children. Their names, ages and some social security numbers are listed. If you are looking for a brother or sister, start with your parent's divorce records.
    County Criminal Records:
    The County Criminal Records are kept in the same way as the civil one are. They are indexed by name and will usually have the individual's full name, address, occupation, employer, social security number and other bits of good information. They can be accessed and viewed in the same manner as a civil file, upon request to the court clerk. /font>
    Voter Records:
    Don't forget to check voter records. These records are often overlooked and they are one of the best sources around, especially during election year. Even though the person's name may not be registered, members of the family may be. These records will have names and addresses.
    Marriage Records:
    Many women marry and change names. When your missing person is a woman, you must check for marriage records in the last known county to find the new name. These records are indexed by the husband's name and are also indexed by the wife's maiden name. In most states these are available to the public and they contain both parties names, addresses along with witness names and parent's names. While you are there, don't forget to check the "application" for a marriage license. This is on file with the license itself and sometimes will list the respective social security numbers.
    Occupational License Records:
    Many people will start and run their own business. When they do, the county will sometimes require them to obtain a county occupation license. It's worth a try at both city and county level because business records are easy to access. They contain the owner's name and address.
    Property Tax Rolls:
    If they have owned a home, they have paid property tax and there will be a record. These records are also indexed by name. The property tax records will have a current address and sometimes a forwarding address. Many people continue to own property from their last location and they have the tax bill forwarded to their new address.
    Fishing and Hunting License Records:
    A lot of people like to fish and hunt. This requires a license and the record will contain the full name, date of birth and address. Contact the county or state Fishing and Hunting License Department.

    Public Records on file with the State
    Along with the wealth of information available on someone at a local county courthouse, the state government will also be a good place to dig up needed information. Although state records will vary from state to state, most are public record and can be obtained from almost any state.
    Corporate Names: This department will list the officers of a corporation and the date the corporation was started. These records are most likely to be Secretary of State's office for each state.
    Professional Licenses: Various state agencies regulate many business professions. Real estate, insurance, attorneys, doctors, etc. Some of these professions are regulated by special boards or departments. Many by the Secretary of State. The specific information offices will direct you to the right department. If your missing person is one who requires a license to conduct business, always check with the state licensing agency. They will release the business address and phone number.
    Vital Records: Vital records on a state level is a collection of birth, death, marriage and divorce records. It contains summary type information. That is, you can not research a complete divorce file on a state level. The date will only contain summary information. In order to search the actual file for tips, you will have to move back down to a county level.
    Boat Registration: If your subject owns a boat, he or she will have to renew the registration every year which requires a home address to be given. By checking these records on a state level, you'll learn the new address.
    **Birth Index Records: An excellent source for locating a birth parent or brother/sister when only a birth date and state of birth is known. Don't confuse Birth Index Records with Birth Certificates or other birth documents. Birth Index Records are the index of all births that occurred in the state. The index is not an actual document of the birth itself. The Birth Index will be indexed by name or you can search by date. These records are usually public record and available where most Birth Certificates are not. However, the birth index is one of the most valuable sources for locating information about birth parents and other adopted children. For instance, a male child born on March 5, 1965 in Texas can search the Birth Index to obtain a list of all children born on the same date. He can then narrow the list by eliminating female children. Next, he can narrow the list by eliminating other male children born in other cities and find his listing which should have his birth parents names.
    Records on file with the Federal Government
    Social Security Administration: The Social Security Department of our government has records on anyone with a social security number. They keep a record of where just about every person in the U.S. lives and works. The Social Security people also have a department that will forward a letter to lost relatives, neighbors, friends, etc. Although they will not give you the address, they will forward a letter. You might get a reply back from your subject. The address is: Social Security Location Services 6401 Security Blvd. Baltimore, MD 21235
    Internal Revenue Service: IRS records are not considered public records. However, you can request copies of any old tax return that has your name on it as one of the tax payers.
    This can be useful if you were once married to the subject. Simply order copies of old joint tax returns that have your name and social security number to obtain a document that contains the other spouse's number.
    Federal Aviation Agency: If your subject is a pilot, you can obtain a copy of the pilot's license with address. You will need a name and DOB or SSN number. For information on this service, contact: FAA Airman Certification Branch VN-460 P.O. Box 25082 Oklahoma City, OK 73125
    The Federal Aviation Agency can check for both aircraft registration and pilot certification. You can use the telephone numbers below for your requests.
    AIRCRAFT REGISTRATION: (405) 680-3131 PILOT CERTIFICATION: (405) 680-3205
    Federal District Court: Federal courts have various civil and criminal cases on file. It is a very good idea to check the federal court docket for a listing on your subject. You never know where a record will show up and many people file Bankruptcy or use federal courts in various ways. These records are indexed by name and year. They are a good public record source.
    Military Location Service: The branches of our military will help you locate people in the armed forces. By writing to the corresponding address below, the military will locate your subject for you, should he or she be on active duty. The request should include:
    Name, Service Serial Number, Last Known Address, Date of Birth, Social Security Number (if available).
    A fee is required (about $5.00) and should be made payable to the Treasurer of the United States:
    1. Army Personnel World Wide Locator: (703) 352-3732
    2. Air Force: Directorate of Administrative Services Dept. of the Air Force Attn.: Military Personnel Records Division Randolph AFB, TX 78148
    3. Navy Chief of Naval Personnel Dept. of the Navy Washington, DC 20270
    4. Marine Corps Commandant of the Marine Corps Attn.: MSRB-10 Washington, DC 20591
    5. Coast Guard (Enlisted Personnel) Commandant (PO) U.S. Coast Guard 1300 East St. NW Washington, DC 20591
    6. Coast Guard (Office Personnel) Commandant (PO) U.S. Coast Guard 1300 East St. NW Washington, DC 20591
    If you want to locate active military people, you can use the following locator numbers:
    AIR FORCE: (512) 652-5774 NAVY: (703) 614-3155 ARMY: (317) 542-4211 MARINES: (703) 640-3942
    Civil Service Employees: The federal government is the largest employer in the world. Sometimes you can obtain records under a Freedom Of Information Act request on present and former employees of the federal government. Usually, they will not give you the personal address but you may obtain other tips that would help you. This would include such data as the present and past agency/location within the federal government where your subject was employed. For more information call or write:
    National Personnel Records Center 111 Winnebago Street St. Louis, MO 63118 (314) 425-5761

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