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Class of 1958
Leominster High School & Saxon Trade School
Leominster, MA

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  • (Hartnet) Helen F., Shrewsbury, MA (deceased 23 May 2009)
  • (Christopher) Albert J. (Deceased)


    President: James H Gately
    Vice President: Theresa P Gizzi
    Secretary: Sylvia A Corliss
    Treasurer: Kent L Carluccio (Deceased)

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    1. (Andersen) Dr. James B, Mercer Island, WA FACEBOOK
    2. (Anderson) Patricia Rill, Lunenburg, MA* FACEBOOK
    3. (Angelini) Mary, Leominster, MA* FACEBOOK
    4. (Aversa) Gloria Somma, Leominster, MA
    5. (Ayotte) Grace Hamil**
    6. (Bacon) Linda L. Bollman , No. Jupiter, FL FACEBOOK
    7. (Barnes) Judith Cormier**
    8. (Beausolei) Bessie Higgins, Leominster, MA, Parkersburg, West Virginia FACEBOOK
    9. (Belluardo) John C., Leominster, MA
    10. (Beyeler) Kent ST* FACEBOOK
    11. (Bishop) Mimi B. Jude, Wilmington, NC FACEBOOK
    12. (Bellio) Frances Gaumond, Osterville, MA*
    13. (Boisse) Francis C. Rindge, NH ST
    14. (Bollman) Nancy Lefebure Jr, Jensen Beach, FL* FACEBOOK
    15. (Bouchard) Carol Tremblay, Leominster, MA
    16. (Brady) Douglas Bruce, Dover, NH*
    17. (Breau) Charles M., Goose Creek, SC
    18. (Breault) Irene Robinson, Belmont, MA*
    19. (Bresnaham) Donna Marx, Leominster, MA*
    20. (Britton) Hilda A, N. Hollywood, CA
    21. (Brown) Lema Gaul, Bedford, MA FACEBOOK
    22. (Burnap) Kathryn (Kay) Morel, Shrewsbury, MA
    23. (Burnap) Virginia Myllykangas, Leominster, MA
    24. (Caisse) Barry, Manchester, NH
    25. (Caravella) Richard R., New Ipswich, NH
    26. (Carleton) Arline A. Beck, Burlington, MA FACEBOOK
    27. (Carolis) Carol Ann Miller, San Jose, CA*
    28. (Carr) Richard, Winchendon, MA*
    29. (Carter) June E McDowell, Leominster, MA*
    30. (Castriotta) Ann Marchetti, Leominster, MA
    31. (Cataleta) Marilyn Dolan, Leominster, MA FACEBOOK
    32. (Christian) Rodney V, Fitchburg, MA* ST
    33. (Christie) Harry, Woodside, CA FACEBOOK
    34. (Ciccolini) Sister Julie, PBVM, Fitchburg, MA
    35. (Ciccone) Celeste Mosher, Leominster, MA* FACEBOOK
    36. (Connors) Patricia Hallisworth, San Antonio, TX*
    37. (Consalvo) Beverly Duddy nee , Sarasota, FL FACEBOOK
    38. (Conti) Carmine, Gardner, MA* ST
    39. (Conway) Nancy Lopez**
    40. (Corliss) Sylvia A, Leominster, MA (Secretary)* FACEBOOK
    41. (Corliss) Willard K, Lunenburg, MA
    42. (Cormier) Constance C. Tucker, Mason, NH
    43. (Cote) Robert E, Leominster, MA FACEBOOK
    44. (Croteau) George ST FACEBOOK
    45. (Day) William, Leominster, MA* ST
    46. (Diggins) Mary Jane Paterson, Lunenburg, MA*
    47. (DiMarzio) Barbara Fontaine, Leominster, MA*
    48. (Divoll) Bruce L, Pepperell, MA*
    49. (Dululio) Jean McDermott, Needham, MA*
    50. (Dupee) Millie Belton, Leominster, MA* FACEBOOK
    51. (England) George W, Leominster & Tampa, FL
    52. (Esposito) Joyce E Parmenter, Hubbardston, MA FACEBOOK
    53. (Fay) John M, Leominster, MA* FACEBOOK
    54. (Feraco) Joann Girardi, Millbury, MA*
    55. (Fitzgerald) Richard E Alt, Hampton, GA FACEBOOK
    56. (Flock) John**
    57. (Flood) Nancy Henderson, Leominster, MA*
    58. (Frye) Wendell,Franklin, NY 13775 FACEBOOK
    59. (Fusco) Patricia Flynn Alt, Phillipston, MA** FACEBOOK
    60. (Gallagher) Sheila Sandberg, Omaha, NE*** FACEBOOK
    61. (Gallant) Ronald J, Leominster, MA
    62. (Gallien) Richard, Leominster, MA*
    63. ((Gardner) James, Harwich Port, MA* FACEBOOK
    64. (Gasbarro) Clelia MacKay,Moultonborough, NH FACEBOOK
    65. (Gately) James H., Bryn Mawr, PA (President FACEBOOK
    66. (Gauthier) Frederick L, Leominster, MA* ST
    67. (Girouard) Jaye, Westborough, MA FACEBOOK
    68. (Gizzi) Theresa P., Leominster, MA (Vice President)
    69. (Gopfert) Carl W. , Winnisquam, NH
    70. (Grant) Patricia Pisano, , 66 Teaticket Path , E. Falmouth, (Teaticket) MA 02536 FACEBOOK
    71. (Guillemette) Robert, Leominster, MA* ST
    72. (Hallock) Ruth Couture, Fitchburg, MA FACEBOOK
    73. (Hare) June Schofield, Leominster, MA FACEBOOK
    74. (Hasenstein Sr.) Carl C., Leominster, MA
    75. (Henault) Carolyn Thomas**
    76. (Howard) Carolyn Chase, Salem, NH*
    77. (Johnson) Edward R., Leominster, MA
    78. (Kelley) Beverly Gagliardi, Milford, CT*
    79. (Kirby) Arlene Richner, Plymouth, MA
    80. (Kolb) Ronald W., Leominster, MA ST
    81. (Lanza) Irene Holman, Leominster, MA*
    82. (Latorre) Nicholas F., Pinetop, AZ
    83. (Lavulet) Jean Flint, Wolfboro, NH*
    84. (Lehoux) Paul J., Leominster, MA* ST
    85. (Lein) Margaret Erdman, Leominster, MA FACEBOOK
    86. (Lisciotti) Rita J. Calatrava, Boca Raton, FL FACEBOOK
    87. (Lolli) Kathleen Ricker, Leominster, MA
    88. (Lundigan) Rosemary A., New Ipswich, NH* FACEBOOK
    89. (Mahan) Pat Pinder, Leominster, MA FACEBOOK
    90. (Marino) Judith Campbell** FACEBOOK
    91. (Marshall) Brenda Codding, Westminster, MA
    92. (Masciangioli) Pelino A., Leominster, MA (Acting Treasurer Appt @ 40th Reunion)
    93. (McCaffrey) Joseph B., Berlin, MA*
    94. (McHugh) Gerald, Fitchburg, MA ST
    95. (McMillan) Barbara Kovacs, Leominster, MA*
    96. (McMurray) John B.,Hampton, CT
    97. (Melanson) Donald , Chelmsford, MA
    98. (Mercier) Joseph P.**
    99. (Munro) Barbara Davis, Lunenburg, MA FACEBOOK
    100. (Nutting) Dorothy Sanders, Tarpon Springs, FL*
    101. (Piermarini) Rosalie LaManna, Leominster, MA
    102. (Raatikainen) Emily Starr
    103. (Reynolds) Beverly A. Zurhorst, Pickerington, OH
    104. (Rickheit) Alan, Ashburnham, MA
    105. (Robbins) Delmont**
    106. (Roberts) Ernest, Redwood, City, CA
    107. (Roberts) Patricia Lane, Winchendon, MA*
    108. (Robichard) Richard A., Leominster, MA
    109. (Robinson) Annette, Belmont, MA*
    110. (St.Cyr) Mary Ann S. Brockelman, Holden, MA
    111. (St Yves) Joan A., Leominster, MA FACEBOOK
    112. (St Yves) Robert, Leominster, MA* ST FACEBOOK
    113. (Saladini) Jay, Andover, MA*
    114. (Senecal) Cynthia Ninomiya, Leominster, MA
    115. (Skinner) Suzanne Soppet, West Chester, PA*
    116. (Sobel) Peter, Sunrise, FL*
    117. (Solomon) Joanne Willard, Plantation, FL*
    118. (Spadafora) Vincent D., Leominster, MA*
    119. (Strickland) Doris Jewell, Plainfield, IN*
    120. (Tansey Jr.) James J., Sierra Vista, AZ FACEBOOK
    121. (Thomas) Audrey A., Leominster, MA* FACEBOOK
    122. (Tisdale) Perry-Lee Lussier, Tampa, FL FACEBOOK
    123. (Toolin) Brenda T. (Bing) Barnicle, Fitchburg, MA
    124. (Tyler) Roy, Foley, AL*
    125. (Valera) Constance Penning, Leominster, MA*
    126. (Valeri) Patricia A. Flaminio, Lambertville,MI
    127. (Vargo) Mary Caron, Leominster, MA*
    128. (Volante) William, Merrimack, NH*
    129. (Walsh) Nancy 'Sister Paul Maria', Gardner, MA*
    130. (Wheeler) Carol Summer, Elizaeth, CO*
    131. (Wheeler) Joyce Rowland, Leominster, MA FACEBOOK
    132. (White) Dexter, Lunenburg, MA*
    133. (White) Richard B., Leominster, MA
    134. (Whitney) Susan Cade, Leominster, MA FACEBOOK
    135. (Wilson) Judith H., Leominster, MA*
    136. (Wood) Lillian M. Clay, Winchendon, MA

    ST...Saxon Trade
    * Last Known Address
    ** Could Not Locate
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    Click here for Pic's of All Deceased Students

    1. (Abare) Harold (Deceased)
    2. (Anderson) Bethel, Fitchburg, MA Saxon Trade(deceased Nov 15, 2007)
    3. (Angelini) Eleanor Tocci, Leominster, MA (deceased Sep 11, 2009)
    4. (Bell) Janet Volante, Merrimac, NH (deceased)
    5. (Bracani) John, Leominster, MA (deceased Dec 5, 2000)
    6. (Brooks) James, Leominster, MA (deceased Feb 1999)
    7. (Caisse) Carol Ann Eveland, Rochester, NY (deceased 20 Oct 2003)
    8. (Cannavino) James (deceased 1997)
    9. (Carluccio) Kent (Class Treasurer) (deceased 1990)
    10. (Ciprotti) Marilyn Brodeur (deceased)
    11. (Clay) Gordon, Winchendon, MA, Saxon Trade (deceased 26 Aug 2001
    12. (Collins) Richard, Saxon Trade (deceased)
    13. (Comeau) Lucian, Saxon Trade(deceased)
    14. (Cranson) Margaret Broderick (deceased 1989)
    15. (Dellechiae) Joan Corrieri (deceased)
    16. (Divoll) Earl C, Leominster, MA, Saxon Trade (deceased Oct 17 2001)
    17. (Dolan) Phillip, (deceased 1986)
    18. (Erickson) Franklin, Enfield, CT (deceased)
    19. (Fenton) Ellen Stevens (deceased)
    20. (Flannagan) Edward, (deceased 1984)
    21. (Fornier) Robert, Leominster, MA, Saxon Trade (deceased Jul 2, 2007)
    22. (Harris) Marcia Partridge, Carmel, Maine (deceased Mar 5, 2005)
    23. (Harris) Stephen, Saxon Trade(deceased)
    24. (Houle) Ernest(deceased)
    25. (Jaffee) Lois Simmons, Sandwich, MA (deceased May 27, 2008)
    26. (Kipp) Junlee, Townshend, Windhamn, VT (deceased Jun 13, 2007)
    27. (Kirby) Marilyn Melanson, Fitchburg, MA (deceased 25 Oct 2000)
    28. (Lanney) Leo (deceased)
    29. (Mahoney) Edward L., West Boylston, MA (deceased 05 Jul 2015)
    30. (Latini) Anthony (deceased)
    31. (Lemire) Ronald G. (deceased)
    32. (Maola) Joanne Lortie, (deceased 1993)
    33. (Marcantonio) Joyce Strange (deceased 1996)
    34. (Mauro) Nancy Bosely, (deceased 1998)
    35. (Maxfield) Richard, (deceased)
    36. (McAllister) Lawrence (deceased 07 Jun 2013)
    37. (McCarty) Edward J., Leominster, MA (deceased Apr 6, 2014)
    38. (McHugh) John, Leominster, MA (deceased Feb 21. 2004)
    39. (Morissette) Donald, Saxon Trade (deceased 1997)
    40. (Normandin) John (deceased May 25 2000, Leominster, MA)
    41. (Nutter) Loren E., Portland, OR> (deceased Aug 2014)
    42. (Ostman) Robert C. Saxon Trade (deceased Jun 13, 2016) Lunenburg, MA*
    43. (Perez) Ralph, Saxton Trade (deceased)
    44. (Perreault) Paul A. (deceased Apr 3, 2015), New Ipswich, NH*
    45. (Pierce) David M., Sterling, MA (deceased Aug 23, 2014)
    46. (Pochini) Henry, Saxon Trade (deceased May 19. 2003, Norfolk, VA)
    47. (Piermarini) Mary A, Leominster, MA (deceased)
    48. (Ricker) Wesley, Enfield, CT (deceased May 8, 2006)
    49. (Robinson) Janet Hurley, Leominster, MA (deceased Apr 14, 2011)
    50. (Russo) Rita M. Colecchi, Leominster, MA (Deceased Nov 13, 2014
    51. (St Yves) John R., (deceased 1989)
    52. (Spiller) Bernita, (deceased Jun 1992)
    53. (Spring) Fred W., Townsend, MA (deceased May 25, 2012)
    54. (Stebbins) Ronald, Fitchburg, MA (deceased Oct 8 2005)
    55. (Townsend) Judith Loughlin, Ashby, MA (deceased Jun 21 2001


    Superintendent of School
    Martin L Morin (deceased)

    Theadore Kucharski(deceased)


    1. (Addante) Mary
    2. (Antonioni) George J
    3. (Broderick) Charles B (deceased)
    4. (Bucknell) Miriam L
    5. (Camougs) Christine
    6. (Christopher) Albert (deceased)
    7. (Colley) M Elizabeth
    8. (Cousins) Aldrich V (deceased)
    9. (Donnelly) Everett C
    10. (Dunlop) Percy A
    11. (Earl) Margaret
    12. (Gariepy) Paulette
    13. (Hartnett) Helen F(deceased 23 May 2009)
    14. (Joyce) John F(deceased)
    15. (McNaney) John
    16. (Magane) John F
    17. (Morrill) Elizabeth
    18. (Munson) Claude H
    19. (Patacchiola) Walter
    20. (Peck) George A (deceased)
    21. (Picucci) Carmine (deceased)
    22. (Pothier) Patricia
    23. (Ricker) E Lillian
    24. (Rogers) John H (deceased)
    25. (Wallace) Mary

      Class Reunion Committee:

      Brenda (Bunny Marshall) Codding
      Brenda (Bing Toolin) Barnicle
      Carol (Bouchard) Tremblay
      Pelino Massciangioli
      Dick White

    LHS Alma Mater

    The Leominster Group 2016

    40th reunion
    Picture sent by Connie (Valera) son Bill Penning They meet every other month.

    Unfortunately the end of September 20014, I was diagnosed with Esophagus Cancer! It came as a shock because I never smoked and hardly drank, maybe average of 3 beers/a wine? a year and never hard stuff! No episodes of GERT or heartburn either or Barretts Esophagus? Also no Cancer in my Family! Only thing I can claim is being Male! But it happened? Have since been taking Chemo and Radiation treatments which should be finished by February 2015...maybe? Since it has not been a common cancer but is increasing the last 8 or so years in the US, I would like to say something about it. Since Prolesec (SP) people have neglected to go to the doctor as much? They say this is a reason for the increase? I would like to say that if you, anyone in your family,or friends HAVE A PROBLEM SWALLOWING, please go see your doctor! An Endoscope is advisable and it is just the opposite of a Colonoscopy and is much the same! It can save your life! Or a lot of problems and expense to it! I had surgery for a port for the Chemo first and immediately! I then had a feeding tube placed in my stomach, another surgery! I am unable to eat, at the moment, through my mouth! I will get at least 28 Radiation treatments every weekday except weekends! Chemo once a week. I have lost 25-30 pounds since Jan 1st, 2014! Expenses so far have been in the 10's of thousands of dollars (thanks for insurance but still costing a fortune.). Operation is expected after the radiation, sometime after February? Very complicated operation ending with removing Esophagus, attaching stomach near neck, and removing Lymph Nodes (which have not been infected?) Requires about 3 days in Intensive care and up to 2 weeks in hospital! Also very painful! Should be able to eat a normal diet after? You may never expect this to happen..but it has to me!

    UPDATE, May 7th, 2015...I made it through the Chemo and Radiation without any problems. Was scheduled for the very serious operation at Tucson on March 18th. Just before that date I found a very small nodule in my armpit? Had a biopsy, another surgery right away, and it was found to be malignant with the same Cancer (now Stage IV)! Surgeon cancelled the operation, forever! I have just started on my 3rd Chemo treatment, again. 2 hours in the Oncology center and going home with the Chemo pump for 46 hours. Can't tell me how much longer I will have this? They wanted more Radiation, but my insurance denied it? (said it would injure my tissues?) Esophageal Cancer is serious with about less than 40% for 5 year survival, not much better for 2 years? Don't believe in statistics...lol! I am still unable to eat through my mouth? Can drink somethings? I am not feeling that bad and still play softball 2 or 3 times a week! I am very optimistic about my future! They want to schedule another MIR as I have started having some shoulder/neck pain? Just hoping for the best and taking it one day at a time! Please, again, if you or someone you know has a problem swallowing......Go to your doctor right away! Esophagus Cancer can be treated successfully if caught early. But most wait before checking it out and then it is too late! Wishing you all the best of health!

    UPDATE, Feb 9th, 2016...Cancer is gone! Had stent placed in Esophagus so that I could eat. Slipped down and internal bleeding. Air Evad to Tucson for $45k and stent removed. Another attempt to replace stent, doctor tried dilation and could ot get through. Back to having the operation, Ivor Lewis procedure, to remove Esophagus and attach stomach to neck. Scheduled on Feb 4th postponed till 28th for heart problem with 3 stents placed in heart. Feb 28th postponed to March as Plavix has to be taken for heart for a month and then stopped for a week. Awaiting operation. Cheers!

    UPDATE, Mar 16th, 2016...Today I had the Ivor-Lewis operation removing my Esophagus and Attaching my neck to my stomach. Very serious operation. Cut into two body cavities, 8 inches front and 8 inches under right arm to back. Doing well except for Diabetes acting up.

    I Am Now A...

    UPDATE, Jul 2nd, 2016...Going well! Able to finally eat soft food a couple weeks now! Gained about 10 pounds from a low of about 120.

    UPDATE: Had the J-Tube removed on August 9th. Am now free of the tube! Am eating regular food, almost. As long as it is soft, not steak...lol, but trying everything! Would love a Lobster!

    UPDATE: October 16th, 2016. Still eating! Cat Scan showed no cancer, another due in February 2017. Had Cataract Surgery in both eyes a month apart. Now just able to play Softball again. Also started bowling, Ten Pin. Had not bowled only 4 games about 2 years ago, and only ones in about 56 years! Candlepin is always my favorite! Not to bad as I scored for 4 weeks : 310, 372, 418 and 422! A Senior League with some terrific bowlers, lot's of fun and great people!

    If anyone would like more information on this Cancer, I would be glad to help! It has been rising 600% in the US for the last 8 or so years and don't know why? I never thought about Cancer before, but have been doing a lot of research on it. * * * (To send an E-Mail from this site...Remove the x after the @ sign or click on link) * * * Please E-Mail: [email protected] OR --- anytime/Telephone 520-678x-2215/520-452x-8107 [Remove any x]), or just click the link!
    Jim & Maureen

    This has become my Motto!(PeriwinkleBlue) for Esophagus Cancer and the Lavender for all Cancers!

    Please Read! My Battle With Esophageal Cancer Journal!
    Almost Day by Day with Pictures and anecdotes!

    motto esophaguss


    Great webpages by Tommy (RIP) & Chris DiGeronimo!

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    Class of 1959 LHS Reunion Pages! Remember a lot of these underclassmen
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    Jim's Military/Wedding Pic's by Tommy D!

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    Class of 1959 Where are they now?
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    *JayJay The Cat Autobiography (Please Read!)
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    *1939 Leominster Grange Recipes (Maybe by a relative or friend, check it out?)
    Welcome to Leominster Video by Ronald Girouard
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    West End Diner across from or old High School by George Fiffy
    Old Train Depotl by George Fiffy
    Leominster: 1904 Labor Day Parade
    Our old High School by George Fiffy
    Leominster Historical Postcards by Leominster Historical Commission

    St. Cecilia Church & School (Burnt From History)

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  • Class picture taken by : George A. Schroeder. "Greetings to all. I love the site. I am the one who photographed your class reunions. Leominster High is dear to me too
    since I was there from September 1963 until December 31, 1997. I am originally from Texas. You have a pleasant class". (Need a photo taken? E-mail George).

    I am very grateful to George for allowing me to place these pictures on my Site...Jim!

    55th Reunion Picture...2013

    40th reunion

    50th Reunion Picture...2008

  • Top Row: Ernie Roberts,Robert St Yves,Dick White, Mary Ann St Cyr (Brockelman),Karl Hasenstein,George England,Nick Latorre,Paul Perreault,'Biff' Nutter,Carl Gopfert,Ed Mahoney,Dick Robichard,Willard Corliss,Fred Spring,Jaye Girouard,Bob Cote,Bessie Beausoleie (Higgins),Jim Tansey

  • Middle Row: Mille Dupee (Belton),John Belluardo,Barbara Munro (Davis),Cynthia Senecal (Ninomiya),Kathy Lolli (Ricker),Carol Bouchard (Trembley),Ginny Burnap (Myllykangas),Don Melanson,Ann Castriotta (Marchetti),Linda Bacon (Bollman),Audrey Thomas,Bing Toolin (Barnicle),Bunni Marshall (Codding),Mimi Bishop (Jude),Beverly Kelley (Gagliardi),Nancy Bollman (Lefebure),Pat Valeri (Flaminio),Pelino Masciangioli,Rosalie Piermarini (LaManna),Ruth Hallock (Couture)

  • Bottom Row: Pat Mahan (Pinder),Jim Gately,Judy Marino (Cambell-Innarelli),John Fay,Margaret Lein (Erdman),Jim Gardner,Joyce Wheeler (Gardner),Arlene Kirby (Richner),Clelia Gasbarro (MacKay),Celeste Ciccone (Mosher),Pat Anderson (Rill),Rita Russo (Colecchi),Francis Bellio (Gaumond),Rita Liscotti (Calatrava)

    (Updated February 7th, 2009 by Fred Spring RIP)
  • 40th Reunion Picture...1998

    40th reunion

    Jim Tansey - 1958

    click for larger image

    Class of 1958

    30th Reunion Picture...1988

    25th Reunion?...1983 at Oak Hill Country Club

    15th or 20th??? Reunion Picture

    10th Reunion Picture at the Holiday Inn...1968

    5th Reunion Picture ???...1963

    Class of 1958

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    Maureen and Jim Tansey 1995
    Maureen and Jim Tansey 2005
    Maureen and Jim Tansey 2016

    Maureen and Jim
    50th Anniv, Oct 5th, 2013

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  • LUNENBURG -- Robert C. Ostman, 76 years old, of Lunenburg died peacefully on Monday, June 13, 2016 at home with Joyce, his wife of 51 years by his side. Born in Leominster to parents Frans and Irene (West) Ostman, he had lived in Lunenburg for the past 50 years. He graduated from Leominster High School in 1958 and was in the U.S. Army from 1959 to 1962 and was stationed in Japan. He retired from Digital Equipment Corp. after 30 years, having worked in Westminster and Andover.Bob's golfing career started at an early age at Monoosnock Country Club in Leominster and he joined Oak Hill Country Club in Fitchburg in 1962. He was a Club Champion while at Oak Hill and also played in many State and New England Tournaments. Bob's greatest accomplishment was qualifying for the U.S. Open.He enjoyed working in his yard, hunting, fishing and trips to the casino. Bob is survived by his wife, Joyce Ann (Barr) Ostman, his son, Robert Allan Ostman of Garner, NC; and many nieces and nephews. He was predeceased by his brothers, Walter Ostman and Frans Ostman and sisters, Elsie Billings and Edith Pauley.Bob's family would like to thank HealthAlliance Home Health & Hospice for the care and support they gave him during his illness.
    A funeral service will be held on Tuesday, June 21, 2016 at 11 am in the Silas F. Richardson & Son Funeral Home, 106 West Street, Leominster. Burial with military honors will be in North Cemetery, Lunenburg. There are no calling hours. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to the , P.O. Box 417005, Boston, MA 02241-7005. www.richardsonfuneralhome.net Published in Sentinel & Enterprise on June 16, 2016

  • LEOMINSTER -- Mary Jane (DiNardo) Renzi, 75 years old, of Leominster, died Wednesday, April 6, 2016 surrounded by her loving family in her home, after a long and courageous battle with ovarian cancer.She is survived by her husband of 54 years, Ronald J. Renzi; sons, Stephen P. Renzi and his wife, Kimberley of Leominster, Michael J. Renzi and his wife, Maureen of North Attleboro; daughter, Sharon M. Bernard and her husband, Jack of Fitchburg; brother, Robert W. DiNardo and his wife, Lynne of Georgia; sister, Barbara A. Hamilton and her husband, Skip of Leominster; sisters-in-law, Diane J. DiNardo of Leominster, and Linda M. DiNardo of Templeton; grandchildren, Ryan and Angela Renzi, Austin and Isabelle Renzi, Krista, Joshua and Mackenzie Bernard; and many nieces and nephews.She was predeceased by her brothers, Paul U. DiNardo in 1996, and Anthony J. DiNardo, Sr. in 2005.Jane was born in Framingham on March 25, 1941, daughter of Umberto A. and Anita H. (Garceau) DiNardo, and was a lifelong Leominster resident. She graduated from Leominster High School in 1959. Jane had worked at Sears in Leominster and then worked for many years at Allen's Department Store in Leominster. She was a member of Holy Family of Nazareth Church, where she was active in the Women's Guild and had taught catechism. She played tennis at the Orchard Hill Athletic Club and enjoyed playing cards on a weekly basis with friends, for over 53 years.The Renzi family would like to extend a special thanks to Dr. Susan Zweizig of the Department of Obstetrician and Gynecology Medical School - University of Massachusetts and Dr. Janaki Moni of UMass Memorial and their amazing staffs. In addition for all of the tireless hours of help and support our dear Aunt's Liz and Diane we could never repay your kindness.

  • Ernest Roberts, Jr., died peacefully on March 13, 2016, after a brief battle with cancer.Ernie was born in Leominster, Massachusetts on January 7, 1940 to Ernest Roberts, Sr. and Jeannette Roberts.He is survived by his loving wife of 49 years, Rebecca Roberts and four children; Donald Thomas, Wendy Roberts, Paul (Dawn) Roberts and Catherine Roberts; six grandchildren; Dustin Thomas, Trevor Thomas, Joshua Roberts, Nicole Holt, Lexi Roberts, Leah Bautista and great-granddaughter Lily Roberts. He is also survived by his sister, Carolyn Roberts and brother, James (Karen) Roberts, Uncle, Normand Roberts, many loving cousins, nieces, nephews, grandnieces and grandnephews. Ernie's greatest joy was flying and he received his pilot's license when he was 16. He graduated from Leominster High, class of 1958, and joined the United States Air Force serving from 1960 until 1964. He loved helping people in need and was a pilot for Angel Flight West, a non-profit organization.In lieu of flowers, please donate to Angel Flight West 3161, Donald Douglas Loop South Santa Monica, CA 90405 or www.angelflightwest.org.
    Crippen & Flynn Woodside and Carlmont Chapels Published in Sentinel & Enterprise on Mar. 27, 2016

  • PETERBOROUGH, NH -- Paul A. Perreault, 74, of Peterborough, died on April 3, 2015 surrounded by his loving family, after a sudden illness. Paul was born in Leominster, MA on April 19, 1940, the son of Willie Perrault and Blanche (Beaulieu) Perrault. Paul grew up in Leominster, MA and graduated from Leominster High School. He moved to New Ipswich in 1969. In 2013, he moved to Peterborough to be closer to his family. After high school, Paul served in the United States Army. He worked for many years at New England Business Service as a press operator. Paul enjoyed playing cribbage every Tuesday at the American Legion and the VFW in Jaffrey. He also participated in activities at the New Ipswich Athletic Association where he was a member for many years. He was a dedicated sports fan and enjoyed watching The Red Sox and the New England Patriots, but he most enjoyed watching his grandchildren play Little League Baseball and Softball. He enjoyed fishing with his grandchildren and camping, and always looked forward to his trips to Foxwoods with his grandson. Paul is survived by his daughter, Cassie and her partner, Dave Duhaime and their son, Jacob of Rindge; his daughter, Dani and her husband, Dwayne Hudson and their sons, Justin and Joshua of Peterborough; his son, Paul Jr. and his wife, Lisa Perreault and their children, Jonathan, Taylor and Darian of Francestown; and his son, Richard and his wife, Tina Perreault and their children, Sean and Sarah of Temple. He will also be missed by his brother Henry Perrault of Lunenburg, MA and his sister Theresa Livi of Leominster, MA and many nieces, nephews and cousins. Paul is predeceased by his loving wife, Donna (Webber) Perreault, as well as his brother, Joseph Perrault, and his sister, Cecile Lucier.
    A Celebration of Life gathering is being held on Sunday, April 19th from 1 - 4 pm at the American Legion, 20 Webster St., Jaffrey, NH. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made in Paul's name to the NIAA (New Ipswich Athletic Association), 43 Matson Rd,, PO Box 455, New Ipswich, NH 03071.
    Jellison Funeral Home and Cremation Service is assisting the family with arrangements. To view an online obituary or to leave a condolence for the family, please visit www.jellisonfuneralhome.com Published in Sentinel & Enterprise on Apr. 9, 2015

  • WEST BOYLSTON -- Edward Leonard "Moe" Mahoney was born at home on May 21, 1940 in Leominster to Edward A. Mahoney of Williamstown and Katherine (Bird) Mahoney of Fair Haven, VT. Ed's older sister, Elizabeth Ann Somma predeceased him in 1993. Ed was a 1958 graduate of Leominster High School, where he was a three sport letterman in football, basketball, and track. He was a proud Crusader--a 1962 graduate of the College of the Holy Cross, where he was deputy commander and in the color guard for the Air Force ROTC. He achieved the rank of 1st Lieutenant in the Air Force. In 1963, Moe married the love of his life, Maureen "Moe" McManus of Fitchburg. They began their nearly 50-year journey together by driving cross country to Tucson, Arizona, where Ed was stationed at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. Moe and Moe later moved to Worcester and West Des Moines, Iowa before settling in West Boylston. Moe was a systems analyst for many companies before he began to work for himself. Though he was talented at his profession, it never defined him. Moe had a courageous commitment to his family and community. An original do-it-yourselfer, Moe founded A-1 Tool Repair company after "retiring." His involvement in the Holden Towers Tennis Club created lasting friendships and nurtured his love for the game. He was the founder and a coach of the West Boylston Youth Soccer program, coached countless community league baseball teams, and delivered Meals on Wheels to his neighbors. He was an active volunteer for the Joseph's Project, which delivers food to local families in need. Moe was a selfless man until the very end. Moe's motto was "What time, and what do I wear?" He loved to travel, whether it was the traditional summer vacation in Wells, Maine at his beach house or an unforgettable cross country trip in a van with 6 kids and no air conditioning. His annual winter vacations in the Caribbean with special friends were a passion of his. Whatever the adventure, you would be sure to hear Moe singing, whistling, or playing the ukulele. Moe was a classic gentleman and a true romantic who courted Maureen from the moment they met until she passed away on February 25, 2013. He leaves his six children and their families, Kathleen and Kevin Moylan of Worcester, Erin and Andrew Beardsley of West Boylston, Ted and Sarah Mahoney of Rutland, Meaghan Butman of West Boylston, Molly and Lyle Lunson of Newport, RI, and Brendan and Erin Mahoney of West Brookfield. He was also a loving and fun Pappa to 13 grandchildren and their spouses, Paul Beardsley and his wife, Joanne, Tyler (Beardsley) Griffin and his husband, Brian, Connor and Beau Beardsley, Abby and CJ Moylan, Mitchell, Rylie, and Quinn Butman, Maddie and Lilly Lunson, Grant Mahoney, and Liam Mahoney. He and Maureen will be there in spirit with Paul and Joanne to welcome their first great-grandchild this fall. Moe spent the last week of his life surrounded by his loving family. Despite his illness, it was his goal to rent a beach house in the Outer Banks of North Carolina for all 27 members of his family. Everyone made the trip-calling it his victory lap--and Moe was truly a champion last week. The vacation was an unforgettable experience for everyone. Upon his return, Ed passed away peacefully at home on Sunday, July 5, 2015, having lived and died on his own terms and by his own timeline. The family would like to thank the outstanding caregivers of Overlook Hospice Services, especially Harmony and Veronica, for treating their Dad like the remarkable man he was.
    MAHONEY -- Family and friends are invited to visit with the family on Wednesday, July 8, from 4 - 7 p.m. in the Miles-Sterling Funeral and Tribute Center, 100 Worcester Road, Sterling. The funeral service will be held on Thursday, July 9, from the funeral home with a 10 a.m. Mass of Christian Burial at Our Lady of Good Counsel Church, 111 Worcester Street, West Boylston. Burial will follow at Mt. Vernon Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Joseph's Project, Inc., P O Box 603, Holden, MA 01520 or online at http://www.josephsproject.org. To share a memory or leave an online condolence, please visit www.milesfuneralhome.com.
    Funeral Home, Miles-Sterling Funeral Home & Tribute Center, 100 Worcester Rd, Sterling, MA 01564, (978) 422-0100 Funeral Home Details
    Published in Sentinel & Enterprise on July 7, 2015

  • STERLING -- David M. Pierce, Sr., 74, of Sterling, formerly of Leominster, died on Saturday, August 23, 2014. He will be remembered as a loving father, grandfather and friend. David is survived by daughters Wanda M. Pierce of Leominster and Donna M. Pierce of Westminster, grandchildren Melanie McManus of Stow and Ashley McManus of Leominster and his former wife Marianne (Gabriele) Pierce of Sterling. He was predeceased by his son David M. Pierce, Jr. in 2007. David was born in Leominster on May 19, 1940, son of Thomas and Antoinette (DeAmicis) Pierce and had lived in Sterling for the past 15 years. He graduated from Leominster High School in 1958. He had worked as a supervisor at the former Dupont Co. in Leominster for over 30 years. David had been involved with coaching for the Amateur Softball Association in Leominster for over 15 years and at Fitchburg State College for some time. He was proud to have been a part of girls softball in Leominster and remembered those years fondly. David's family would like to thank Tracy and Jen of HealthAlliance Visiting Nurses for the compassionate care given to him.
    PIERCE -- Funeral services and burial will be private. The Silas F. Richardson & Son Funeral Home, 106 West Street, Leominster, is assisting the family with arrangements.

  • Loren Nutter, 73, died Aug. 11, 2014, at his home in Milwaukie. He was born Feb. 9, 1941, to H. Earl and Belle Nutter (both deceased) in Leominster, Mass. Loren graduated from Leominster High School in 1959. He attended the Tilton Preparatory School for one year before enrolling for business classes at Clark University. Loren honorably served in the U.S. Air Force from 1961 to 1965. He was stationed at bases in Bangor, Maine, Denver and Portland, where he received electronics training and worked on missile systems. After his Air Force service in Portland, Loren began working at Freightliner as a computer-based inventory control clerk. He advanced his career through positions at Precision Castparts and Computer Management Services (CMSI). Loren earned bachelor's and master's degrees in business administration in 1974 and 1980, respectively. Through the 1980s and early 1990s, Loren developed productivity and inventory control systems while employed at Janzen Mills, Tektronix and North Pacific Lumber. In 1996, he began working at Columbia Sportswear to implement a new materials distribution system. After retiring from Columbia Sportswear in 2006, Loren joined the Portland chapter of Bergfreunde. While meeting new friends with the "Bergies," he extended his interests in hiking, walking and traveling. Loren learned to DJ music for social functions, play bridge and took ballroom dancing lessons. Loren was a lifetime member of the Oregon Jazz Society and served on its board of directors. He also supported Oregon Public Broadcasting and radio stations KMGH and KBOO. Loren is survived by his sons, Bruce Nutter and Paul Nutter; and their mother, Elizabeth Nutter. A social to remember Loren will be held at 6 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 3, 2014, at the Gateway Elks, 711 N.E. 100th Ave., Portland. Donations may be made to The End of Prostate Cancer at: zerocancer.org. Published in The Oregonian from Aug 14 to Aug 24, 2014

  • LEOMINSTER -- Edward J. McCarty, 74 years old, of Leominster, died Sunday, April 6, 2014 in the Sterling Village Rehabilitation Center. He is survived by his wife, Corinne J. (Donelle) McCarty; his daughters, Kelly Lambrese of Bristol, RI, Laurie Grupp of Mapleville, RI, and Erin McCarty of Seekonk, MA; stepdaughters, Kathy Ledin of Stoughton, MA, Diane Porter of Lunenburg, and Judith Porter of Leominster; brother, Daniel J. McCarty of Leominster; sister, Jane Marie Hillman of Leominster; six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Ed was born September 13, 1939 in Leominster, son of James E. and Theresa (Tordo) McCarty, and graduated from Leominster High School in 1958 and was a member of the school's football team. He had served in the Massachusetts National Guard. Ed was a heavy equipment operator working for Rockwell Roofing Co. and McCarty Associates, where he also was a job supervisor. He was a life member of the Leominster Sportsmen's Association.
    A funeral Mass will be held on Wednesday, April 9, 2014 at 10 am in Holy Family of Nazareth Church, 750 Union Street, Leominster. Burial will be private. Calling hours will be held on Tuesday, April 8, 2014 from 5-8 pm in the Silas F. Richardson & Son Funeral Home, 106 West Street, Leominster. In lieu of flowers memorial contributions may be made to the National Brain Tumor Society, 55 Chapel Street, Suite 200, Newton, MA 02458.
    Published in Sentinel & Enterprise on Apr. 7, 2014

  • Maureen is the wife of Eddy Mahoney! . . . WEST BOYLSTON - Maureen (McManus) Mahoney was born in 1940 in Fitchburg to John L. McManus and Mary (Cassidy) McManus. She was the oldest of 11 children, and leaves six sisters and four brothers, and many nieces and nephews who adored her. She was a 1958 graduate of St. Bernard's High School in Fitchburg and a 1962 graduate of Anna Maria College in Paxton, where she was class president, an English major, and active in music and theatre. Maureen married the love of her life, Edward L. Mahoney of Leominster in 1963. They began their nearly 50-year journey by driving cross country to Tucson, Arizona, and later moved to Worcester, West Des Moines, Iowa and West Boylston, where she lived for 43 years. Throughout their literal and metaphorical journey, Maureen and Ed planned many trips that took their family all over the country and were the source of cherished family stories. Maureen took great pleasure in creating a lovely home where she made everyone feel like a special guest. She loved to host family and friends for small gatherings or large holiday parties. She would drop everything to have a cup of tea and a treat with an unexpected visitor. "Moe" taught in Tucson, at Leominster High School, at Yeshiva Academy in Worcester, and most recently was a substitute teacher in West Boylston. She served as administrative assistant to the West Boylston Building Inspector for many years. She had been a member of the American Association of University Women and the Junior League of Worcester where she met some of her lifelong friends. More recently, she was active in book and bridge clubs, the "Queens" and Tuesday night dinner group. Maureen was an intelligent, funny, dynamic, articulate, elegant lady who loved to travel and celebrate events both large and small. It gave her great joy to share her love of Wells Beach, Maine with family and friends. But her favorite role was being "Mamma" to her 13 grandchildren, Paul, his wife Joanne, Tyler, Connor and Beau Beardsley, Abby and CJ Moylan, Mitchell, Rylie and Quinn Butman, Maddie and Lilly Lunson, Grant Mahoney and Liam Mahoney. She leaves her husband Edward L. Mahoney of West Boylston, and her six children and their families: Kathleen and Kevin Moylan of Worcester, Erin and Andrew Beardsley of West Boylston, Ted and Sarah Mahoney of Rutland, Meaghan and John Butman of Holden, Molly and Lyle Lunson of Newport, RI, and Brendan and Erin Mahoney of West Brookfield. Surrounded by her loving family, Maureen (McManus) Mahoney passed away at home after a brief illness. Relatives and friends are invited to attend calling hours from 4 to 7 p.m. on Thursday, February 28, in Miles-Sterling Funeral and Tribute Center, 100 Worcester Road, Sterling. Funeral services for Maureen will be held on Friday, March 1, from the funeral home with a 10:30 a.m. Mass of Christian Burial at Our Lady of Good Counsel Church, 111 Worcester Street, West Boylston. Burial will follow in Mt. Vernon Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made online to the 's in Worcester for the Mahoney team, "The Walk Lobsters" at www.relayforlife.org. To share a memory or offer an online condolence, visit www.milesfuneralhome.com . . . Published in Worcester Telegram & Gazette from February 26 to February 27, 2013

  • Frederick W. Spring, Love ~Be Loved ~ Become Love! TOWNSEND -- Frederick W. Spring, of Townsend, passed away on Friday, May 25, 2012, in his home surrounded by his loving family. He was born on October 16, 1940 in Leominster, the son of Phyllis Spring Senecal. He frequently expressed how blessed he was to share a great life these past 12 years with his loving, kind, and gracious fiancée, Margaret "Honey" Hietala in Townsend.(br) He leaves two sons, two daughters, four grandchildren; he loving referred to them as his greatest contribution to humanity and his God. Frederick Spring and his fiancée, Debra of Atlanta, GA; Stephen Spring and his partner, Greg of Austin, Texas; Brenda DeVarney and her children, Jessica and Brian of Holden; Robin Spring and her children, Sydney and Lawrence of Leominster, and Honey Hietala's two children, Gwen Hietala of Greenville, NH; and Dennis Hietala of Fitchburg.(br) He also leaves his brother, Louis "Jimmy" Senecal and his wife, Marcia of Fitchburg; and four sisters, Phyllis Ryan and her husband, Bill of Owensboro, KY; Delia "Chicky" Senay and her husband, John of Fitchburg, Harriet James and her husband, Tom of Fitchburg; and Madeline Haley and her husband, Ben of Templeton. He was predeceased by his twin infant sons, Timothy and Thomas in 1961.(br) He graduated from Leominster High School in 1958, and from Lowell Technological Institute in 1972.(br) He retired in 1995 from his profession in Quality and Reliability Assurance after a challenging career with diverse high volume manufacturing industries including Foster Grant Sunglass Division and Digital Equipment Corporation. In 1996 he made a rewarding career change as a teacher/tutor at LHS Center for Technical Education retiring in 2003.(br) As a Christian disciple, he was very active in his congregation at Townsend Congregational Church. "God Loves You, Christ Invites You, We Embrace You". He attributes his life mantra "love, be loved, become love" and "that we are all connected with God at the center of our being" from Christ's teachings. He also envisioned a relationship beyond the Trinity, the "Quadrinity" which includes God the Father, Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit and you (each one of us) as it fulfills the reality of God within instead of an external God and completes the fourth point on the sign of the cross.(br) He enjoyed family time, playing all kinds of card games, board games, writing poetry/fiction/essays, and his time away with Honey at the beaches in the Bahamas, and Maine, and their place in Vermont.(br) Fred was grateful for the village that cared for him and shaped his values during his youth: his grandmother, Edith Spring; his mother, Phyllis Spring; his Aunt, Eva Spring Smith; and his two foster families, Theresa LeBlanc Mercier, and Bob and Ruth McPherson.(br) SPRING -- Calling hours will be held on Wednesday, May 30, 2012 from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in the Wright-Roy Funeral Home, 109 West St., Leominster, MA. Private graveside services will be in Evergreen Cemetery, Leominster, at the convenience of the family. Thursday evening there will be a memorial service at the Townsend Congregational Church, 3 Brookline St., Townsend, MA from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. In lieu of flowers, please consider contributing donations to; Townsend Congregational Church or to Health Alliance Hospice Care, 25 Tucker Drive, Leominster, MA 01453. To light a candle, sign the guestbook or send a message of condolence, please visit www.wrightroyfuneralhome.com Published in Sentinel & Enterprise from May 26 to May 28, 2012

    LEOMINSTER — John “Jack” J. Rowland, 78 years old of Leominster, died Sunday, December 4, 2011 in HealthAlliance-Leominster Hospital. He is survived by his wife of 13 years Joyce A. (Wheeler) Rowland, his sons John J. Rowland, Jr. and his wife Clare of Westminster and Steven T. Rowland and his wife Jan of Leominster, his daughter Jennifer C. Scott and her husband Patrick of Weare, NH, his stepsons Dr. Timothy Gallagher and his wife Colleen of Lexington and Christopher Gallagher and his wife Stephanie of Gardner, his brother, James Rowland and sister-in-law Barbara, of Smithtown, Long Island, New York and brother Michael Rowland of Daytona Beach, FL, his grandchildren Matthew Rowland, Erin Scott, Eamon Scott, Nolan Scott, Catlin Rowland, Michael Rowland, Matthew Rowland, Ansley Gallagher, Kiley Gallagher and Rory Gallagher. He was predeceased by his first wife Mary Ellen (Crossman) Rowland in 1977. Jack was born in Wilkes-Barre, PA on March 3, 1933, son of John E. and Bridget (Lynch) Rowland and had lived in Leominster for the past 40 years. He had worked in Customer Service for Trans World Airlines in New York, at the former Crossman’s Market in Leominster and at the former Leominster Savings Bank. Jack was a long time member of the Westminster Country Club and attended St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Leominster. Jack enjoyed family gatherings and tried in vain to convert his grandchildren to root for the New York Yankees. Jack's many pleasures included watching his western movies, having breakfast each day with his dear friends, and being at home with his dog Miss Abby. His family, grandchildren and friends will miss him dearly.

  • TOWNSHEND, WINDHAM, VERMONT -- June Lee Kipp, 67, a longtime resident of Townshend, died Wednesday, June 13, 2007. She was born in Leominster, Mass., on April 4, 1940, the daughter of James A. Kipp and Helvi V. Soini Kipp. After her graduation from fashion design school in Boston, she worked in New York City as a lingerie designer and administrative assistant for many years. Upon her retirement, she moved to Vermont and eventually purchased The Video Store in Townshend. Ms. Kipp was a woman of intense strength and determination. She embodied truth and integrity, never letting the opinions of others sway her from what she believed was right. The depth of her tenacity and compassion was most clearly revealed in her friendships. Her endless passion and love of beauty still flows within her renowned garden which attracted the birds she loved to watch. She also had a great love of baseball, rooting the Red Sox on to victory time and again, with her cats Sammy and Sweetpea always at her side. She was a tireless contributor to the town of Townshend in many capacities, such as auditor, social services committee member and member of the Friends of the Library. She took a special interest in the garden beds at the Public Library, and contributed hundreds of plants for their fundraising sales. She was an integral part of the community, which will always remember and sorely miss her. She is survived by her sister, Janice Moreland of Livingston, Mont.; two nephews, Jason Moreland, also of Livingston, and Christopher Moreland of Hawaii; as well as three great-nieces and nephews, Cyarine, Dresden and Indigo Moreland. Cause of Death listed on the death certificate was Tobacco Abuse, Emphasema. A graveside service will be held at the Oakwood Cemetery in Townshend on Monday at 11 a.m., to which all are welcome. Donations may be made in Ms. Kipp's memory to the Windham County Humane Society.u Published in Brattleboro Reformer on June 15, 2007.

  • LEOMINSTER -- Janet E. (Robinson) Hurley 70, of Leominster, MA. died Thursday April 14, 2011 in Brigham & Women's hospital Boston, MA after an illness. She was born on May 18,1940 in Fitchburg, MA the daughter of Albert and Cora (England) Robinson. She was raised in Leominster, MA where she attended and graduated from Leominster High School. Janet was a Sales support Representative and Customer representative for the former Digital Equipment for over 15 years before her retirement. She was a member of the Order of Eastern Star in Leominster, MA. and was an avid fan of the Patriots and Celtics and enjoyed crocheting and knitting. She attended the Pilgram Congregational Church in Leominster, MA. She is survived by her two son's, Steven E. Kenney Jr. of Leominster, MA, and David J. Kenney and his wife Rebecca of Parrish, Florida, one sister Joan Alice Gauvin and her husband George of Hilliard, Ohio, her nephew George Gauvin IV and his wife Robyn, her grand nephew Zachery and grand niece Ashley. She was predeceased by her husband of 29 years Arthur F. Hurley who passed away on March 31,2011. HURLEY -- A funeral service will be held on Wednesday, April 20, 2011 in The Lavery Chartrand & Alario Funeral Home, 99 Summer St., Fitchburg, MA. at 12 noon. Interment will follow in Massachusetts Veterans Cemetery, Winchendon, MA. A calling hour will be held on Wednesday morning at the funeral home from 10:30 until 11:45a.m.

  • The news is not always Bad! Sentinel & Enterprixe.com, 25 Oct 2009, Leominster: 20 Claflin St... Some people would be upset if a neighbor brought them a severed head as a gift, but Karl Hasenstein was grateful. The present became part of the Halloween display Hasenstein has done every year for 32 years, and spooky gifts are the norm for the resident of 20 Claflin St. "People give me Halloween things for my birthday and for Christmas," he said Thursday. "They know I love to do this." Hasenstein's graveyard and front-porch decorations grow every year. The yard, located on a dead-end street off Route 13, is a blast of orange and black, with tons of pumpkins and graves, plus bats, rats and spiders among the skulls and body parts throughout the yard. A tree whose bright yellow leaves also brighten up the yard is hanging dozens of homemade and store-bought ghosts on one side, and Hasenstein's hand-crafted tombstones have clever illustrations on the other. "I don't get as many kids trick-or-treating as I used to," he said. "A lot of them go to the new developments because they have a lot more houses." But Hasenstein keeps adding to the project. His son and daughter loved it growing up, and now his grandsons, Taylor Hanks, 6, and Carter Hanks, 3, of Fitchburg help him out. Hasenstein takes photographs of the display to remind him every year where his 108 decorations go. "It's easier to do it that way, to stay organized," he said. "My grandson was walking around with the pictures this year, telling me where everything needed to go." His black and white cat, Hogan, is almost a part of the display as well, often curling up alongside the ghosts, vampires and skeletons. Hasenstein's front porch may give off a few scares on Halloween night, as many of the attractions will move or make noise when they sense motion. There's a severed, battery-powered hand that propels itself forward, which could give some passersby a fright. Halloween is Hasenstein's favorite holiday, even eclipsing Christmas and Thanksgiving, but he doesn't know exactly why -- he just said he's loved the holiday every since he was growing up on Lancaster Street. "I'm just an overgrown kid," he said. "I've been having a ball for 32 years."

  • Eleanor 'Ellie' G. Tocci active at Golden Living Center, Fitchburg; 69 FITCHBURG Eleanor "Ellie" G. (Angelini) Tocci, 69, formerly of Spruce St., Leominster, died Friday, September 11, in the Golden Living Center, Fitchburg, after an illness. She was born November 16, 1939, in Leominster, daughter of the late Joseph and Luigina (Marchetti) Angelini and was born and raised on Lincoln Terrace. She worked for Near East Foods in Leominster, and the Leominster High School cafeteria. A friendly and warm woman, Mrs. Tocci was well known as the greeter at the Golden Living Center in Fitchburg, where she welcomed everyone with her cheerful personality. She will be missed by all including her special dog, Shelby. Her husband of 46 years, Joseph Tocci, died April 27, 2006. She was also predeceased by her brother, Domenic "D.A." Angelini, and her sisters, Mary D'Innocenzo, and Rose Chapman. She leaves her two sons, Joseph Tocci, Jr. And his wife, Kimberly, and Jeffrey Tocci and his wife, Claudia, all of Leominster; her daughter, Jodi Sawyer and her husband, Joseph of Fitchburg; seven grandchildren, Cristina Tocci, Anthony Tocci, Jeffrey Tocci, Jr., Jacob Tocci, Kathleen Raughtigan, Brittani Sawyer, and Brandon Sawyer; several nieces and nephews. The family would like to thank the staff at the Golden Living Center for their extraordinary care and kindness shown to Mrs. Tocci. TOCCI The funeral will be held Wednesday, September 16, from Brandon Funeral Home, 305 Wanoosnoc Rd., Fitchburg, with a Mass at 10:00 A.M. At Saint Anna's Church, 194 Lancaster St., Leominster. Burial will follow in Saint Bernard's Cemetery in Fitchburg. Calling hours are Tuesday, September 15, from 4:00 to 7:00 P.M. In the funeral home. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to the Golden Living Center Activity Fund, 1199 John Fitch Highway, Fitchburg, MA 01420.

  • Helen F. Hartnett of Shrewsbury; 90 SHREWSBURY Helen F. Hartnett, 90, of Shrewsbury, died Saturday, May 23rd in her home after an illness. She leaves a sister, Pauline H. Wilkins of Fitchburg; nieces and nephews, Timothy Wilkins of Cape Elizabeth, ME, Patrick Wilkins of Fitchburg, Elizabeth Zwicker of Fitchburg, John "Will" Wilkins of Hartford, CT, Martha Wilkins of Leicester, Rosamond Gleason of Philadelphia, PA, Mary McManus of Fitchburg, Brendan Wilkins of Leominster, Neil Wilkins of Haverhill; as well as many grandnieces and grandnephews. Helen was born and raised in Leominster, MA daughter of the late Joseph L. and Helen C. (Geoghegan) Hartnett and had lived in Leominster for 70 years before moving to Southgate in Shrewsbury. She graduated from Fitchburg State College with a teaching degree and then received her Master of Education from Worcester State College. Helen had been employed as a teacher at Leominster High School for many years where she was the Chairman of the Mathematics Department. She retired in 1978. Burial will be in the family lot in Saint Leo' s Cemetery, Leominster.

  • SANDWICH, MA Lois (Jaffe) Simmons of Sandwich, formerly of Leominster, daughter of Maurice and the late Lottie Jaffe, passed away peacefully on May 27, 2008, at her home, after a long battle with cancer. She is survived by her husband, Robert; her sons, Michael, of Sandwich, Jonathan and his wife, Leslie, and their children, Nathan and Lauren, of Barnstable; her daughter, Lynne Simmons; her granddaughter, Rachel; and several other grandchildren. A graduate of Emerson College, she worked in the Boston school system and at the Riverview School in Sandwich as a speech and language therapist. She recently retired as resident coordinator of Shawme Heights in Sandwich. She was active in the Sisterhood of the Cape Cod Synagogue and served as both treasurer and corresponding secretary. An avid baseball fan, she and her husband hosted players for the Hyannis Mets for more than 25 years. Lois will be greatly missed by her family and many friends. She will be remembered for her sense of humor and strength. Her strong spirit will remain with those who loved her.

  • FITCHBURG, MA, Bethel G. “Andy” Anderson, 69, of Fitchburg, died on Thursday, Nov. 15, with his family by his side after a short and courageous battle with cancer. He was born in Fitchburg, the son of the late Bethel L. Anderson, who died in 1999, and Gwendolyn (Spaulding) Anderson, who died in 2006. He graduated from Leominster Saxon Trade School in 1958 and served in the United States Navy from 1958 to 1962. He was a lifetime member of the American Legion Post 429 and the AMVETS Post 49. An avid outdoorsman, he loved fishing, hunting, reading and working in his gardens and backyard fish pond. “Andy” loved the time that he spent at his trailer in Kennebunk, Maine, and the time spent talking with his five grandsons. Before retiring in 2003, Bethel was the owner and operator of Andy’s Lawn Maintenance. He provided landscaping services in the Fitchburg, Leominster and Gardner areas for more than 35 years. In addition to his wife of 45 years, Rachel (Desrosiers) Anderson, Bethel is survived by his son, Mark B. Anderson and his wife, Linda, of Ashburnham; his daughter, Heidi Hills and her husband, John, of Fitchburg; his five grandsons, Mark Anderson and his wife, Mandy, of Windham, Maine, Kevin Anderson of Ashburnham, and Michael, Daniel and James Minichiello, all of Fitchburg. We all miss him. Bethel was also a very proud great-grandpa to Jacob Anderson of Windham, Maine. He also leaves his sister, Diane Partridge and her husband, Burl, of Ellijay, Ga.; as well as his nieces, nephews, brother-in-law, sisters-in-law, cousins and friends.

  • 12/4/06 ENFIELD, Conn, Wesley “Wes” Albert Ricker, 65, of 24 Guild St., Enfield died on Monday, May 8, at Baystate Medical Center, Springfield. He was born in Leominster, Mass., on July 31, 1940, the son of Dorothy (Elliott) Ricker of Leominster and the late Thornton Ricker. He moved to the Enfield community in 1964. He attended George Street School, May A. Gallagher Junior High School, and graduated from the Leominster High School in 1958. During his high school years he worked at Chase Photography and did much of the photography for the high school yearbooks. He also worked at the Nu-Plastic Corporation and was a Past Master Councilor of the Leominster Chapter of the Order of Demolay. He later attended Worcester Polytechnic Institute for a year before attending Lowell Technical Institute, where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1963. During his college career, he was a summer employee of E. I. DuPont in Leominster. He later worked for the Albi Manufacturing Co., Phillips Medical Systems and Bio-Plexus in Vernon. He retired from Digital Equipment Corp. in Springfield as a Supervisor of Quality Engineering. Mr. Ricker enjoyed photography and was an avid outdoorsman who also enjoyed hiking, camping, sailing, boating, fishing, and the shooting sports. He and his late wife, Liz, had traveled and camped in many areas of the United States and Canada. He was a Past President of the Pine Meadow Photographers, a life member of the National Rifle Association, life member of the National Wildlife Federation, and a member of the East Windsor Sportsman’s Club. In addition to his mother of Leominster, Mr. Ricker is survived by his sister, Sally Flagg and her husband Philip of West Dennis, Mass. and their children, Kathlyn Fini and Heidi Flagg; numerous other nieces and nephews. His beloved wife of 40 years, Elizabeth Ann “Liz” (Kramer) Ricker predeceased him on Feb. 19, 2004. He was also predeceased by his nephew, Philip Flagg, Jr.

  • 10/08/05 Ronald W Stebbins, 66, of 73 Pine St., formerly of Leominster, died Saturday, Oct 8, in his home with his loving family by his side, after a long battle with cancer. He was born on Nov 11, 1938, the son of the late Edward and Rose (Aubuchon) Stebbins. He graduated from Leominster Saxton Trade High School in Leominster in 1958. Mr Stebbins was a self-employed contractor and also worked for several area contractors. Mr Stebbins leaves his wife, Donna (Delage) Stebbins, with whom he would have celebrated their 48th wedding anniversary on Oct. 20; three sons, four daughters, sixteen grandchildren and one great-grandson. He enjoyed cooking and catered many weddings and parties over the years. He was a former member of the Leominster Lodge of Elks, the Leominster Eagles, and the United Commercial Travelers of Fitchburg.

  • 03/05/05 CARMEL, Maine - Marcia Lee (Harris) Partridge, 65, of Carmel, Maine, and Leominster, Mass., died Saturday, March 5, at home, after a long illness with cancer. She was born on March 5, 1940, in Gardner, the daughter of Alice Inez Gonyou Harris and Vernon Denzel Harris. She earned a dual nursing and teaching degree from Burbank Hospital-Fitchburg State College in 1962. She began nursing and instructing at Mount Auburn Hospital, Cambridge. Mrs. Partridge married her husband, Joe Partridge, on April 3, 1965. They moved their family to Carmel, Maine in 1978. After more than 10 years as a work-at-home mother, she resumed her career as an ICU nurse at the James A. Taylor Osteopathic Hospital in Bangor from 1981 until it closed in 1989. Later that year, she began as an ICU nurse at Sebasticook Valley Hospital in Pittsfield. She rounded out her nursing career by developing and staffing SVH’s Cardiac Rehabilitation program. She retired in 2003. A woman of deep faith, Mrs. Partridge also served her community by volunteering for nearly 30 years as a Sunday school teacher, active committee member, deaconess and trustee for the Carmel Union Congregational Church. She loved her church and her church family deeply. Most important to her was her family. She loved spoiling her two grandchildren and shared with others her pride in her own two children. She and her husband were looking forward to spending their retirement traveling cross-country in an RV, summering at Popham Beach and reading. Mrs. Partridge is survived by her husband of 40 years, Joseph Patridge of Carmel; her son, Derek Partridge and his wife, Stephanie, and their children Reagan and Grady of Bangor, Maine; her daughter, Deanna Partridge, of Bangor, Maine; her younger brother, Lloyd Harris and his wife, Christine, of Leominster; treasured friends, Iris, Maria, Janet, Kathy, Nancy and JoAnne; and many grateful patients and their families.

  • 21/02/04 LEOMINSTER - John “Goose” J. McHugh, 63, of 100 Main St., died Saturday, Feb. 21, in his home after an illness. He was born in Leominster on Oct. 20, 1940, and was the third son of Dr. James V. and Mary Lou (Chisolm) McHugh. He was a 1958 graduate of Leominster High School and was on the football team. After high school, he had attended Nichols College, in Dudley. Mr. McHugh was a U.S. Navy veteran serving on the U.S.S. Glennon as a Radarman 3rd Class from 1958 to 1961 during the Cuban Missile Crisis. He worked as a truck driver for A&E Trucking, then working as a custodian for Fitchburg High School, and recently had been a medivan driver for Need-A-Lift. Mr. McHugh was a lifelong resident of Leominster and was a member of St. Leo’s Parish. He was an avid golfer and member of Monoosnock Country Club, a member of the Leominster Eagles, and the St. Jean’s Club. He was an avid Red Sox and Pittsburgh Steelers fan. He was also an active member of AA for 12 years.Mr. McHugh is survived by one son, Daniel John McHugh of Fitchburg; one daughter, Debra Ann McHugh of Leominster; his former wife, Andrea E. (Bell) McHugh of Fitchburg; six brothers, James V. McHugh of Raleigh, N.C., Robert C. McHugh of Paonia, Colo., Thomas W. McHugh of Madison, Wisc., Richard D. McHugh of Galway, Ireland, Harry E. McHugh of Oakland, Calif., and Paul V. McHugh of Wilmington, Vt.; one sister, Bonnie L. Greene of Hanover; Aunt Margaret and Uncle Freddy Maffei of Leominster; three nephews; seven nieces; and five cousins.

  • 5/11/03 ROCHESTER, N.Y. - Carole-Anne R. (Caisse) Eveland, of 79 Medfield Drive, Rochester, formerly of Leominster, Mass., died on Monday, Oct. 20, following a lengthy illness. She was born in Fitchburg on April 29, 1940, the daughter of Alfred L. and Sylvia (Smith) Caisse, and attended Leominster schools. She graduated from Leominster High School in 1958 and from Elizabeth Ollis Academy in Worcester. She moved to Rochester in 1959. Mrs. Eveland is survived by her loving husband of 44 years, William A. Eveland; a son, William R. Eveland and daughter-in-law, Therese; a daughter, Debra-Anne Eveland, and grandchildren, Michael and Jessica Eveland, all of Rochester; a sister, Suzanne DiGiovanni, and brother-in-law, Louis DiGiovanni, of Leominster; her mother-in-law, Loleta Eveland of Rochester; nieces, nephews and cousins. Her father, Alfred L. Caisse, died in 1999, and her mother, Syliva (Smith) Caisse, died in 2002. A brother, Barry L. Caisse, also predeceased her in 2000.

  • 24/5/03 NORFOLK, VA - Henry J. Pochini, 62, of 8721 Semmes Ave., Norfolk, Va., formerly of Fitchburg, Mass., died Monday, May 19, in the home of his step-daughter after an illness. Mr. Pochini was born in Fitchburg on June 4, 1940, the son of John and Stella (Molter) Pochini and lived here most of his life until moving to Norfolk several months ago. He graduated from Leominster (Mass.) Trade School. He was employed for many years at the former Digital Equipment Corp. He was then an employment recruiter for several companies, retiring several years ago because of an illness. Mr. Pochini was involved for many years on the Fitchburg Civic Days Committee and was manager of the Kingsmen Drum and Bugle Corps for several years. He leaves his wife of 22 years, Linda Sue (Beckwith) Pochini; one son, John “Jay” Pochini, and his wife, Gina, of Lunenburg; one daughter, Susan Pochini, of Fitchburg; three stepsons, Reggie Achilles and his wife, Marie, of Marlborough, Robert Achilles and Michael Achilles, both of Norfolk; one step-daughter, Pamela White and her husband, Timothy, of Norfolk; seven grandchildren; and several cousins.

  • 11/6/01 LEOMINSTER - Earl C. Divoll, 63, of 12 May St, died Wednesday, Oct 17, in HealthAlliance Hospital, Leominster, after he was stricken ill at home. He was born Dec 25, 1937, in Leominster, the son of Earl K and Mabel M (Viens) Divoll, and had lived here all his life. He graduated from Leominster Trade High School. Mr. Divoll worked at Sterling Light Co, Sterling, for 25 years before retiring in 1993. An avid fisherman and hunter, he was a member of the Leominster Sportsmen's Club. He was also an avid golfer and a member of the Grand View County Club golf league. He leaves his former wife, Joan E (MacGregor) Divoll; a son, Kenneth C Divoll; and a sister, Carolyn J Ringer -- all of Leominster; four nephews and a niece.

  • 08/26/01 Winchendon - Gordon E Clay, 62, of 25 Bemis Road, formerly of Leominster and Fitchburg, died at home Sunday, Aug 26, after an illness. He was born March 31, 1939, in Lunenburg, the son of Fred A and Dorothy L (Healey) Clay, and had lived in Leominster and Fitchburg before moving to Winchendon in 1985. He graduated from Leominster High Trade School in 1958. Mr. Clay was a mold maker at Mar-Lee Mold Inc, Leominster, for the past 29 years. He was a Navy veteran of the Vietnam War. Mr Clay was a member of the American Legion, Winchendon Post 193. Besides his mother, living in Leominster, he leaves his wife of 19 years, Lillian M (Wood) Clay; four sons, Michael G Clay of Bridgeport, Conn, Brian R Clay of Winchendon, Robert J Chesbrough of Ashburnham and Michael D Chesbrough of Leominster; a brother, Richard E Clay of Brooksville, Fla; two sisters, Joan M Gould of Fitchburg and Virginia M Bernard of Lunenburg; four grandsons, five great-grandchildren, and several nephews and nieces.

  • 06/25/01 Ashby - Judith (Townsend) Loughlin, 61, of 345 Richardson Road, died Thursday, June 21, in UMass Memorial Medical Center, University Campus, Worcester, after a brief illness. She leaves her husband of 42 years, Robert H Loughlin; two sons, Timothy J Loughlin of Rindge, NH, and Donald W Loughlin of Fitchburg; two daughters, Lori A Rainville and Linda L Loughlin, both of Ashby; two brothers, Ralph W Townsend of Maryland and Richard L Townsend of Tennessee; a sister, Marilyn L Townsend of Las Vegas; four grandchildren; a great-granddaughter; nephews and nieces. She was born in Fitchburg, daughter of Ralph H and Alice S (Reeves) Townsend, and graduated from Leominster High School in 1958. Mrs Loughlin was a member of the Fitchburg Church of the Nazarene.

  • 1/17/01 - Evelyn Wood, 96, Retired social studies teacher in Leominster, a resident of the Keystone Center, 44 Keystone Drive, died Wednesday, Jan. 17, in the center. She was born April 30, 1904, in Leominster, the daughter of Albert R. and Eliza R. (Chapman) Wood, and had lived here all her life. She graduated from Leominster High School and received a degree from Boston University in 1932. After graduating from BU, Miss Wood taught social studies at the former May A. Gallagher Junior High School until her retirement in 1964. She was a member of United Methodist Church and also a member of the former Fortnightly Club. On her 90th birthday, Leominster Mayor Dean J. Mazzarella presented her with a Community Achievement Award. She was also known for her skills in knitting and rug braiding. She leaves a niece, Ann DeRoma Bradley of Hanover, N.H.; a nephew, Joseph H. DeRoma of Fernandina Beach, Fla.; six grandnephews, six great-grandnephews and two great-grandnieces.

  • 10/29/00 - Posted another Reunion Picture (click on link top of page). Do you remember what year it is?

  • 10/25/00 - Marilyn G. (Kirby) Bushnell Melanson, 59, of Fitchburg, an office worker, died Wednesday, Oct. 25, at the UMass Memorial Medical Center -- University Campus, Worcester, after a brief illness. She leaves her husband of 21 years, Paul A. Melanson; a son, Richard M. Bushnell of Fitchburg; three daughters, Elizabeth L. DiMarzio, Debra L. Carvalho and Suzanne G. Bushnell, all of Leominster; a brother, Donald Kirby of Hubbardston; a sister, Carolyn K. Elder of Leominster; five grandchildren. She was born in Leominster, daughter of Louis and Vivian (Johnson) Kirby. She lived in Leominster before moving to Fitchburg two years ago. Mrs. Melanson worked in the law office of Gelinas & Ward, Fitchburg and previously worked for several years at the Fitchburg Savings Bank. She was also an Avon representative. She enjoyed crafts, gardening, cooking, traveling and her grandchildren. Burial will be in Evergreen Cemetery, Leominster. Flowers may be sent, or contributions may be made to the American Heart Association, 20 Speen St., Framingham, MA 01701.

  • 6/19/00 - Donna L. (Webber) Perreault, 57, of New Ipswich, NH, formerly of Leominster, Mass., died Thursday, June 15, in UMass Memorial Medical Center -- University Campus in Worcester, Mass., after a short illness. She leaves her husband of 39 years, Paul A. Perreault Sr.; two daughters, Cassandra L. Wallace of Rindge and Danielle Y. Hudson of Peterborough; two sons, Paul A. Perreault Jr. of Francestown and Richard J. Perreault of Greenville; a sister, Betty Tremblay of Townsend, Mass.; a brother, Andrew Webber of Jaffrey; eight grandchildren; nephews and nieces. She was born in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, daughter of Levi and Beryl (Bresnahan) Webber, and lived 31 years in New Ipswich, N.H. She graduated from Leominster High School in 1961. Mrs. Perreault was a supervisor for 19 years at New England Business Service in Peterborough. She enjoyed computers. Memorial donations may be made to UMass Memorial Oncology Department, 55 North Lake Ave., Worcester, MA 01605.

  • 5/28/00 - John A. Normandin, 59; of 64 River St., Leominster, victim of auto accident on Crawford Street, Fitchburg Thursday night, May 25, 2000. He leaves his wife of 39 years, Myrna (Joseph) Normandin; two sons, John J. Normandin of Winchendon and Scott R. Normandin of Fitchburg; a daughter, Lisa DeMar of Leominster; seven brothers, Ronald Normandin of Leominster, Walter Normandin of Fitchburg, James and Eugene Normandin, both of Lunenburg, Emile Normandin of Clinton, Roger Normandin of Jewett City, Conn., and Duffy Normandin of Waco, Texas; three sisters, Ann Muse and Rita Gentile, both of Leominster, and Janet Nault of Fitchburg; nine grandchildren; nephews and nieces. He was born in Leominster, son of Hygine and Selima (Brosseau) Normandin, and graduated from Leominster High School. Mr. Normandin was a salesman for Fitchburg Plumbing & Supply. He previously worked at Bel-Pump of Fitchburg for 30 years. He was a member of St. Anna's Parish and the Leominster Knights of Columbus Council 406.

  • 2/28/99 - A few weeks ago I received an e-mail looking for a certain person with the same name as an LHS classmate. I honestly did not believe it was the same person from the information given to me. I responded with an address and telephone number in hope that they could find out more info. Glad that it turned out as well as this message says. Wish them all the happiness in the world and glad to be of assistance in bringing them together. No names here to respect their privacy...Jim. (Message)..."A couple of weeks ago a friend contacted you asking about Ms ?. You wrote back saying that she is now Ms Z, and gave us her last known telephone number and address. My friend contacted Ms Z, and she was the right person we were looking for. I have been asked by Ms Z, and I wanted to do this as well, to thank you as you were the final link to reuniting Ms Z and myself. Ms Z is my birth mother and she was forced 38 years ago to give me up for adoption. Because of the information you shared, Ms Z and I have been given the opportunity to get to know each other. Also because of your kindness, I have found out that I have a full-blooded sister, and three half-sisters. We are all planning a reunion in April and none of this would have been possible without your assistance. From the entire family, and myself...We say thank you very much"

  • 2/27/99 - James E. Brooks, 58, of 43 Blanchard St., died at home Thursday, Feb. 25, after an illness. Born Nov. 12, 1940, in Leominster, he was the son of Edward and Arlene (Andrews) Brooks, and lived in Leominster all his life. He graduated from Leominster High School, in 1958, and the New England School of Accounting in Worcester, in 1961. Mr. Brooks was an accountant for Tamor Plastic Company. Previously, he had been an accountant for several other plastic companies here. He served as president of Leominster National Little League from 1983-1984. He leaves his wife of 33 years, Patricia A. (Cote) Brooks; a son, Christopher Brooks of Baltimore, Md.; four sisters, Arlene Couture of Tamarac, Fla., and Mary Jane Cuddahy, Kathleen Bergeron and Madeline Hildreth, all of Leominster; nephews, nieces and cousins.

  • 1/13/99 - Our hearts go out to Ronald and Donna Kolb and family after the death of their daughter, Kris K. Kolb, 26, from injuries suffered in a single-car accident near Vine Street. She was born in Leominster and graduated from Leominster High School in 1990 before attending Fisher College, Fitchburg, a student in paralegal studies. Saturday, February 27, 1999

  • Local High School Yearbooks by Tommy DiGeronimo (RIP), Chris DiGeronimo, & Jim Tansey
    Ancestry and Classmates require a subscription. They offer a FREE Trial!


    Text Example
    Class of 1927 Leonine (Yearbook) by Ancestry
    Class of 1927 Leonine (Yearbook) by Jim Tansey
    Class of 1925 Magnet (Yearbook) by Jim Tansey
    Class of 1934 Magnet (Yearbook) (Tommie G's Page)
    Class of 1934 & 1935 Seniors Magnet (Yearbook) by Jim Tansey
    Class of 1937 Magnet (Yearbook) (Tommie G's Page)
    Class of 1942 The Echo, Lunenburg Turkey Hills (Yearbook) by Jim Tansey
    Class of 1956 Magnet (Yearbook) by Jim Tansey
    Class of 1956 Magnet (Yearbook) from Classmates
    Class of 1958 Magnet (Yearbook) by Jim Tansey
    Class of 1958 Crusaders, Notre Dame (Yearbook) by Jim Tansey
    Class of 1958 Bernardian, St Bernards (Yearbook) by Jim Tansey
    Class of 1958 The Echo, Lunenburg Turkey Hills (Yearbook) by Ancestry
    Class of 1946 The Echo, Lunenburg Turkey Hills (Yearbook) by Ancestry
    Class of 1959 The Echo, Lunenburg Turkey Hills (Yearbook) by Ancestry
    Class of 1959 Magnet (Yearbook) (Tommie G's Page)
    Class of 1961 Magnet (Yearbook) Thanks to Pat (Martino) Whitney (Tommie G's Page)
    Class of 1964 Magnet (Yearbook) (Tommie G's Page)
    Class of 1964 Magnet (Yearbook) from Classmates
    Class of 1965 Magnet (Yearbook) by Jim Tansey
    Class of 1965 Magnet (Yearbook) from Classmates
    Class of 1966 Magnet (Yearbook) Borrowed from: Paula Davis (Tommie G's Page)
    Class of 1966 Magnet (Yearbook) from Classmates
    Class of 1967 Magnet (Yearbook) (Tommie G's Page)
    Class of 1978 Magnet (Tommie G's Page)


    About 90 Years of Fitchburg HS 'Boulder' (Yearbooks) (fm/Archives)
    Fitchburg HS 'Boulder' (Yearbooks) (FM/Archives Fitchburg Public Library)

    About 80 Years of Saxifrage, Fitchburg State Teachers
    (Yearbooks) (FM/Archives)

    About 90 Years of Clinton HS 'Memorabilia' (Yearbooks) (FM/Archives)

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